Miyako’s Education – Part 24

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Hiroko: Hey, John. It’s me, Hiroko.
John: Oh, hi Hiroko. What’s happening?
Hiroko: I’m cooking. Do you want to come over to my place for dinner?
John: That sounds great. What are you making?
Hiroko: Korean. Have you ever had Korean food?
John: No, I haven’t. I’ve never tried it. What’s it like?
Hiroko: Well, it’s kind of spicy. It’s like Japanese food only it’s pretty hot.
John: It sounds good. Japanese food can be a bit bland sometimes. I like hot stuff. What time do you want me to come over?
Hiroko: You can come anytime you like. You can come now if you like.
John: All right. I’ll come now. I’ll see you in about an hour.
Hiroko: Okay, see you then.
John: Oh, do you want me to bring anything?
Hiroko: No, just bring yourself.