Miyako’s Education – Part 25

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John: Hey, Hiroko. How are you?
Hiroko: Not so good. I burned the pancakes. I was making Korean pancakes and I burned them.
John: That’s a pity. Can you make some more?
: Yeah. I’m making some more now. First I have to make the batter then I’ll fry them. I’ll watch them more carefully this time. What did you do today?
John: I went to university. I had two classes this morning.
Hiroko: Did you see your friend, Miyako?
John: Yeah, I saw her in the cafeteria. She was reading.
Hiroko: Oh really. What was she reading?
John: She was reading a book about education.
Hiroko: Did you talk to her?
John: A bit. You’re not still worried about me seeing her, are you?
Hiroko: Of course not. I was just feeling insecure and jealous before. I was wrong. I was unfair. You are from Australia and all your old friends are back there. Of course you want to make new friends in Japan and some of those friends are female friends. It’s natural. I am really sorry about what happened before.
John: I’m glad you see it that way. What did you do today?
Hiroko: Oh, I just stayed home. I went shopping after lunch. I studied a bit.
John: Didn’t you have any classes today?
Hiroko: No, I had a free day, so what did you talk about with Miyako?
John: Actually we talked about education. The book she was reading was about education and we talked about education.
Hiroko: What did she say?
John: She said education is fun. Learning things is fun.
Hiroko: Do you agree?
John: Yeah, but not all the time. When I was at school, I did chemistry. That wasn’t fun. The teacher was boring and there was too much maths. It was pointless. I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was terrible. It was really really boring.
Hiroko: Really? I had a good chemistry teacher. I liked chemistry. I thought it was interesting.
John: Everybody is different. Everybody has different likes and dislikes. Everyone has different taste.
Hiroko: What else did you talk about with Miyako?
John: Well, we talked a bit about the future. I said I wanted to be a writer and she said she liked education and I said she should be a teacher but she said she was not sure.
Hiroko: Are you ready to eat?