Miyako’s Education – Part 26

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John: This is really good. You are a great cook.
: It’s not too salty?
John: No, it’s delicious. Where did you learn to cook?
Hiroko: My mother taught me. My mother and my grandmother.
John: But this is Korean food. Where did you learn to cook Korean food?
Hiroko: My grandmother was Korean.
John: She WAS Korean? Has she passed away?
Hiroko: Yeah. She died a couple of years ago. She was really nice. I still remember her. I miss her. Are your grandparents still alive?
John: On my Mum’s side, both of my grandparents are still alive but on my father’s side there is only one left. My grandma is still alive but my granddad died a few years ago.
Hiroko: So you have two grandmothers and one grandfather?
John: That’s right. How about you?
Hiroko: Both of my father’s parents are still alive but both of my mother’s parents are dead.
John: Were they both Korean?
Hiroko: No. My grandmother was Korean but my grandfather was Japanese. He was a farmer. A rice farmer. He died of cancer.
John: That’s sad. Do you miss him?