People and Places – Adrian – A German in India

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Mark: So Adrian, what part of Germany do you come from?
Adrian: I’m coming from the southwest of Germany.
Mark: What’s the name of the area?
Adrian: It’s called Palatinate.
Mark: Palatinate. And you come from a village or a city?
Adrian: Uh, I’m coming from a little village in the forest.
Mark: What’s the nearest city?
Adrian: The nearest city is Kaiserslautern.
Mark: Kaiserslautern, OK. Do you have a strong dialect in your village?
Adrian: Yes, very strong….yeah.
Mark: Alright, OK. And what are you doing now? Have you finished your study?
Adrian: Yeah, I…I did finish my civil service.
Mark: Uh-huh. What did you do for your civil service?
Adrian: I was working as a paramedic-cal…paramedical.
Mark: Uh-huh. In a hospital?
Adrian: Uh, in a hospital and as an ambulance driver.
Mark: Right, OK. And then you came…when did you come to India?
Adrian: Um, at the end of March.
Mark: Right. And now you’re traveling on a motorcycle?
Adrian: Yes.
Mark: Where did you go?
Adrian: Um, from here I’m going back to my home base in Dharamshala.
Mark: Uh-huh. And before you came here to Nagar, where were you…where did you go on the way to Dharamshala?
Adrian: Um, my first stop was in Rewalsar Lake.
Mark: Rewalsar Lake.
Adrian: Then the second stop was near Manikaran.
Mark: Um-hmm.
Adrian: And third stop was in Keylong.
Mark: Keylong, I don’t know that.
Adrian: It’s on the way to Leh.
Mark: Uh-huh, ah right, right. Is it in Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh?
Adrian: In Himachal Pradesh.
Mark: Right, OK.
Adrian: It’s just before the border to Kashmir.
Mark: And then you went up to a very high pass.
Adrian: Yeah.
Mark: What’s the name of the pass?
Adrian: It’s the Rohtang Pass.
Mark: Rohtang Pass. Was that only recently opened?
Adrian: Yeah, it was just opened ten days before.
Mark: You mean ‘opened’ because of snow or ‘opened’ because of the Indian government?
Adrian: No, opened because of snow.
Mark: Right. OK, great. Was it dangerous?
Adrian: Uh, sometimes a little bit, yeah.
Mark: I hope you have a safe trip.
Adrian: Yeah, thank you.