Miyako’s Education – Part 27

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Miyako: John! Where are you going?
John: I have a class. I’m late.
Miyako: But, it’s lunch time.
John: Oh, you’re right. My watch must be wrong.
Miyako: Let’s have lunch.
John: All right.
Miyako: What did you do last night?
John: I went to Hiroko’s place. She made Korean food. It was really tasty. Have you ever had Korean?
Miyako: Yeah, I have. I’ve had it lots of times. It’s really nice isn’t it?
John: Yep. What about Thai? Have you ever eaten Thai food? Or Mexican food? Have you ever had that?
Miyako: I’ve had Thai but I have never eaten Mexican. What’s it like?
John: It’s great. It’s my favourite. It’s spicy with beans and meat and salad and cheese and tortillas.
Miyako: What are tortillas?
John: A tortilla is a kind of bread. It’s a kind of bread that you get in Mexico. It’s flat.
: Have you ever been to Mexico?
John: Nope, But I’d love to go.
Miyako: So where did you have Mexican food?
John: Well, I’ve had it in Australia and I had it in Japan once too.
Miyako: Where did you have it in Japan?
John: I had it in Kyoto. There is a nice little Mexican Restaurant in North Kyoto. It’s called La Cucaracha. I found it one night. It was really good and it wasn’t very expensive. It was really authentic too. The cook had studied in Mexico City.
Miyako: I want to go there. Will you take me?
John: Mmm, yeah, well, I’d like to, but what about Hiroko?
Miyako: What about her?
John: Well, if she finds out that we went to a restaurant together, she will get jealous again.
Miyako: Are you sure? I thought she was okay about that now?
John: Maybe you’re right.
Miyako: Can we go then?
John: I guess so. But, don’t tell Hiroko, just in case it makes her jealous.