Nick from Manchester

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Manchester Old and New
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Mark ran into Nick from Manchester in the village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh.

Mark: So Nick you are from Manchester?
Nick: Yeah.
Mark: How long is it since you left there?
Nick: About three weeks we have been in India now. Yeah.
Mark: Right. You came straight from England to India?
Nick: Yeah. Straight into Delhi. Yeah. It was a bit of a culture shock but we have got used to it now. It is great.
Mark: Oh good. What were you doing in Manchester before you came here?
Nick: In Manchester I was a landscape gardener.
Mark: Oh yeah.
Nick: Yeah.
Mark: That is a nice job working outside.
Nick: Yeah definitely. I enjoyed it. It is ah I definitely enjoyed it. It is totally different being away out here though. It is a totally different environment. (laughs)
Mark: Yeah yeah. India is a great teacher, isn’t it, isn’t she?
Nick: Yeah, definitely. It has definitely opened my eyes to the world a lot more. It is ah.. I would not say “narrow-minded” but a lot is closed off to the rest of the world I would have thought a lot in England so being out here has opened my eyes massively.
Mark: Oh good.
Nick: Yeah it is a really good experience.
Mark: Yeah me too.
Nick: Like we say every day is a school day.
Kath: (laughs)

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  1. cris says:

    Good theme – however being out of handbook, the real life is saying that after few or many travel experiences, … mind broadening, when coming back is not so easy to be recognized by some friends which become “former”, some chiefs become “rude” !

  2. Semirama says:

    It was good conversation

  3. mark sam says:

    Ya, it’s good.
    I often browse your post and read the conversions.
    I think it helps everyone ……..
    Keep going, please…….

  4. Yasar Arfat Kamal says:

    Its really a very good conversation.
    It’s easy to understand.

    Please post some more conversation which are related to daily diffrrent aspects of life.

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