Bilingual – English and Arabic – 1

Download audio file (arabicsyria.mp3)

You can use this sound file to learn English and to learn Arabic at the same time.

I want some food.
I don’t have any food.
Do you have any food?
I don’t understand.
I don’t speak Arabic.
Do you speak Arabic?
Yes, I do.
I speak a little Arabic.
I want to learn Arabic.
I want to go to Syria.

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6 Responses to “Bilingual – English and Arabic – 1”

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  1. joumana says:

    we say ilalikaa when we want to say in english good bye

  2. joumana says:

    I like the first singer because he is serious the clip is modest really but it s a good song .the scond version is good too but I can t feelling some things which is in the first one .I need words to sing it . thanks

  3. Rozanna says:

    Who wants to Learn Arabic?
    I’m ready for help. Arabic is beautiful .

  4. maher says:

    thanks mark

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