Miyako’s Education – Part 31

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John: Hi, Yumie. I haven’t seen you for a while.
Yumie: Yeah, I’ve been busy. How’s it going?
John: Not bad. Not bad at all. What have you been up to?
Yumie: Oh not much. Just studying. I have been studying a lot.
John: What have you been studying?
Yumie: Biology, botany, zoology, chemistry�Ķ
John: Wow! Natural sciences. You really like natural sciences.
Yumie: Yeah, that’s right. I’m that kind of person. Some people are into social sciences and some people are into natural sciences. I like natural sciences. How about you?
John: I prefer social sciences. When I was at high school, I liked history and geography and literature and languages. I didn’t like physics and chemistry and maths and stuff. I wasn’t interested in natural sciences.
Yumie: Have you ever done biology?
John: Yeah, I have. Everybody does. I did it at high school for one semester. We cut up frogs and rats. It was terrible. I hated it. It was gruesome.
Yumie: But biology is the study of life! Life is fascinating. It is a miracle. Human life! Animal life! Plant life! It’s mysterious and wonderful and so beautiful! I don’t believe it. How can you not be interested in biology?
John: Yeah, I guess, you’re right. When you describe it like that, it sounds interesting. I just didn’t like the experiments. I didn’t like cutting up the animals.
Yumie: What are you going to do this week-end?
John: What am I doing this week-end? Hmm, let me see. Oh yeah, that’s right! I’m going to a restaurant with Miyako and Hiroko.
Yumie: What kind of restaurant are you going to?
John: We’re going to go to a Mexican restaurant. Miyako and Hiroko have never been to a Mexican restaurant before. Have you ever tasted Mexican?
Yumie: Yeah, I’ve had it a few times but I don’t like it. It’s too hot. I prefer sashimi. That’s my favorite.
John: So, I guess you don’t want to come?
Yumie: No, but thanks for asking anyway.
John: No worries.
Yumie: Well, I had better be off. I have to get back to the library.
John: Okay. See you round.
Yumie: Yeah, see ya. Ciao.
John: Ciao.