People and Places – The Swami 2 – Twenty-four hours I am on the job

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Swami: If you are meditating anyway there is a lot of heat.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: I have a lot of heat so that is why I wear very little (very few) clothes.
Mark: Do you meditate all night?
Swami: Not all night but in between I get up. I take tea and then I sit. Like that.
Mark: What time about?
Swami: There is no timing. There is no timing (time). Twenty four hours I am on the job. So if I am tired, I sleep for a couple of hours.
Mark: M-hm.
Swami: And then if I get up I quickly make a cup of tea. Fresh. On three stones like that.

(tapping sound) (whacking sound) (the sound of breaking firewood)

Swami: Three stones and a small quantity of firewood.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Swami: And the tea gets made in less than twenty minutes. I take tea and then I sit.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Swami: And if I am tired…
Mark: Chai? Chai tea?
Swami: Chai. And if I become tired I sleep and as soon as I wake up I take some cold water and make a cup of tea and then I sit. The idea is to keep the tempo on.
Mark: Mmh-hm. What kind of meditation are you doing?
Swami: Oh we do just whatever. The scriptures are there.
Mark: Chanting mantra?
Swami: Chanting only during the day. Only when I am in the wakeful state.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: When you are involved (?) there is silence. Silence.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: The essence of all these mantras; the essence of all these various hymns and all, and the essence of the truth of the higher truth; there are also mantras. But this is for the Gods. What you hear; it is meant for a particular god.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: But there are mantras which are meant for the supreme truth, which is formless. Formless, pure, resplendent and spirit. That is the infinite reality.
Mark: Mm
Swami: The supreme spirit.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: It is only spirit. It has no form. (Sanskrit?) God! His body is like space.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: But these gods; they have specific forms. Somebody is holding a chakra. Somebody is holding a (?) Somebody is holding this. Somebody has matted locks. Somebody has… They have specific descriptions.
Mark: Mm. Specific characteristics.
Swami: They are forms of the infinite. They are forms. They have assumed forms. The infinite. The formless infinite has assumed these forms for the sake of devotees so that they can identify themselves the particular form.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: It is easy to pray; easy to tune in, easy to meditate, easy to approach.
Mark: To focus.
Swami: When there is a limited form.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: When there is no form, it is formless. If you only hear my voice the effect will be much less.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: Suppose you hear my voice and I am not appearing. You hear my voice only in space. You can record it no problem but you cannot see me. You can’t see this colour. It is difficult for you to visualize. It is difficult for you to record.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: So God knows; he has created human beings in a very limited capacity. Our brain is limited. Our vision is limited. Our ears are limited.
Mark: Mm
Swami: Our physical strength is limited. You can smell only for a little distance
Mark: All our senses are limited.
Swami: It is limited. Yeah. We are alpha. “Alpha” means “low”. God is the infinite and we are very limited.
Mark: Mm.
Swami: So to suit this limited nature of our minds intellects of our heart and of our sense perceptions of our physical abilities to suit this limited creation which is of course a microcosm, a limited but a true sample of the infinite lord…. You have the same elements. The same five elements are there in the body. You have the same (?) You have the same intellect. You have the same mind.
Mark: What are the five elements?
Swami: Ah ah…ah ah
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