Miyako’s Education – Part 32

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Hiroko: Hey, John. This is Hiroko.
John: Hi, Hiroko. How is it going?
Hiroko: All right. Well, actually not so good.
John: Why? What’s wrong?
Hiroko: Well, we were going to go to the Mexican place on Saturday night.
John: Yeah?
Hiroko: Well, I’m afraid I can’t go.
John: How come?
Hiroko: I have a really big psychology test and I have to study for it.
John: We can go next week instead.
Hiroko: No, I don’t want to ruin your Saturday night. You go ahead and have a good time with Miyako. I don’t have much money anyway. I don’t have much money and I have to study.
John: Are you sure? We can go next week.
Hiroko: No, you go ahead.
John: Okay, but it’s a pity you can’t come. Miyako really likes you. She is looking forward to seeing you again and talking to you again. She says you are really interesting.
Hiroko: That’s kind of her but this is a big test. I can’t afford to fail it. I have to pass. I have to study all weekend. It’s really hard to get a job in Japan and I have to get good grades so I can get a good job.
John: Okay. We’ll go to the restaurant together another time.
Hiroko: Okay.