Bilingual – English and Vietnamese – 1

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I speak Vietnamese.
I don’t speak English.
I want to learn English.
I want to go to Australia.
I don’t want to go to India.
I want to go to Australia.
How much is this?
Five thousand dong.
Thank you very much.

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7 Responses to “Bilingual – English and Vietnamese – 1”

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  1. H?c Nguy?n says:

    Find out more information and more English – Vietnamese, please visit :

    Thank you ^^

  2. Mark White says:

    I lived in Vietnam in 1997 and taught English in Ho Chi Minh City. I guess it has changed a lot since since then.

    I tried to learn Vietnamese and the grammar seemed quite accessible but the pronunciation was a real stumbling block! Tonal languages are hard for people who have agglutinative languages and inflected languages as a native language.

    I never got up to Hanoi.

  3. thanhvu says:

    There is something wrong in one of the sentences above.
    The sentence “Thank you very much” must be translated “Cám ?n r?t nhi?u”, not “Không có chi”.

  4. hacker says:

    These basic conversations are useful, are there more coming? Also, do you happen to have the Vietnamese transcriptions?

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