Kath from Surrey

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Woking Home
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Mark: Sorry what did you say your name was again?
Kath: My name is Kath. Short for Katherine.
Mark: Katherine. Katherine. Mark
Kath: Hello. (laughs)
Mark: What part of England are you from, Kath?
Kath: I am from a place called Surrey which is just south of London. I live in a horrible little town called Woking.
Mark: Woking?
Kath: Not very nice but I lived in Leeds for three years before I lived back there for six months.
Mark: Woking is that spellt W-o-k-i-n-g?
Kath: It is indeed. Yes.
Mark: I would say “Woking“.
Kath: Ah you would? It is a bit of a ghetto. The ghetto of Surrey we call it.
Mark: Right.
Kath: The ghetto of Surrey.
Mark: Why is that? Coz it is just..?
Kath: It is just horrible!
Nick: (laughs)
Kath: It is like full of either pikies… Do you understand “pikies”?
Mark: No.
Kath: Like horrible “chavvie” people. Do you understand chav?
Mark: No I don’t know that word either.
Kath: How would I describe a chav? Like a townie.
Mark: Pikie, townies. Yuk! Sounds awful.
Kath: Or just like “pretentious people”.
Mark: Pretentious?
Kath: I am probably more of a pretentious person than a Pikie, I would say.
Mark: It sounds there is a big subculture of gangs.
Kath: It is not that bad. To be honest I over-exaggerate it but like a lot of the south is very nice very like posh especially Surrey where I live but then you have got the horrible part but then you go up north and you go to some of the places up there; they are a lot worse. (laughs) So it is kind of all relative because I grew up there and then moved out of there I kind of didn’t like it so much.
Mark: And you moved up north?
Kath: Yeah. I moved up to Leeds because I was at university there.
Mark: And what did you study?
Kath: Psychology. So, yes, I am reading your mind. That is what many people
so they tell me and I just go “No, I am too busy thinking about myself.”
Don’t worry about it. I am only joking. (laughs). So yeah…

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5 Responses to “Kath from Surrey”

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  1. Loeurn Toum says:

    I would like to speak English with you. How can you speak?

  2. ?Ahmed SASAA says:

    1-Her name is Kath
    2-the nale of the man is Mark
    3-Yes Surrey is in the south of London
    4- Yes it.
    5- Yes it is in London.
    6-.so many years
    7- She thinks abot Surrey that is just horrible, andghetto.
    8-the word that did she use is ”pretentious-people”.
    10- She studied Psychology.,

  3. Verónica says:

    It’s really interesting to learn new terms; especial la words and expressions related to subcultures. I’m from argentina and we have terms like these and most of them have a negative connotation.

  4. Mark White says:

    1. What is the name of the woman?
    2. What is the name of the man?
    3. Is Surrey in the south of England?
    4. Is it south of London?
    5. Is it in London?
    6. How long did the woman live in Leeds?
    7. What does she think of Woking?
    8. What words does she use to describe sub-culture groups there?
    9. Use the internet to find out more about these terms and the social rift they spring from.
    10. What did the woman do at university?

    • sophealinda says:

      1. her name is Kathennie
      2 His name is Mark
      3. No.
      4. Yes
      5 No
      6 Three year
      7 The ghetto of Surrey
      8 pikies, chav, pretentious people
      10 As psychology

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