Hitching Around Australia

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Mark: So… so Dahi, what part of Ireland do you come from?
Dahi: I am from Cork. It is in the very south.
Mark: Is it the southern most part?
Dahi: It is the southern most county. It is not the southern most city.
Mark: Right ok so you are from Cork City?
Dahi: Yes.
Mark: So there is County Cork and also the City of Cork.
Dahi: Yes.
Mark: And were you born there?
Dahi: Yeah. (I was) born in Cork or thereabout.
Mark: And did you study there as well?
Dahi: Yeah I studied media there for two years.
Mark: Right. Ok. And then you went to Australia?
Dahi: Yeah, then I went to live and work in Australia for a year.
Mark: Right. And where did you go in Australia?
Dahi: I was living mostly in Melbourne. And I took a few months off as well to travel the whole country.
Mark: Right. Ok. Did you hitch-hike at all?
Dahi: Yes, that was mostly how I got around.
Mark: Did you have good luck or was there any trouble?
Dahi: Fantastic luck. (There were) only two days in six months of hitchhiking that I didn’t get a lift. (There were) some very friendly people there.
Mark: That is pretty good luck because I have heard stories of hitchhikers dying of starvation on the side of the road.
Dahi: (laughs) I have heard similar stories too but luckily it was never that bad.
Mark: Well I am glad to hear it. When I go back, I am going to do some more hitch-hiking myself.