Hitching Around Australia

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Mark: So… so Dahi, what part of Ireland do you come from?
Dahi: I am from Cork. It is in the very south.
Mark: Is it the southern most part?
Dahi: It is the southern most county. It is not the southern most city.
Mark: Right ok so you are from Cork City?
Dahi: Yes.
Mark: So there is County Cork and also the City of Cork.
Dahi: Yes.
Mark: And were you born there?
Dahi: Yeah. (I was) born in Cork or thereabout.
Mark: And did you study there as well?
Dahi: Yeah I studied media there for two years.
Mark: Right. Ok. And then you went to Australia?
Dahi: Yeah, then I went to live and work in Australia for a year.
Mark: Right. And where did you go in Australia?
Dahi: I was living mostly in Melbourne. And I took a few months off as well to travel the whole country.
Mark: Right. Ok. Did you hitch-hike at all?
Dahi: Yes, that was mostly how I got around.
Mark: Did you have good luck or was there any trouble?
Dahi: Fantastic luck. (There were) only two days in six months of hitchhiking that I didn’t get a lift. (There were) some very friendly people there.
Mark: That is pretty good luck because I have heard stories of hitchhikers dying of starvation on the side of the road.
Dahi: (laughs) I have heard similar stories too but luckily it was never that bad.
Mark: Well I am glad to hear it. When I go back, I am going to do some more hitch-hiking myself.

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  1. Nìall Beag says:

    There’s an error in your transcription:
    Dahi: Yeah. (I was) born in Cork or thereabout.

    Should be
    Dahi: Yeah. (I was) born in Cork and lived there all my life.

    Thanks for all the material — I’m using some of the stuff here in assignments for my TESOL masters!

  2. Federic says:

    • Hitching a ride was common in early time in Taiwan. But now the transport system is convenient for passengers, then there seldom see a person stand beside the road with his thumb out for a ride.

  3. Muna says:

    very interested . i often see hitch-hike in movie it is not common in my country

  4. peter says:

    thats not a cork accent

  5. ojieea says:

    hi..great,now i can understand what the meaning of hitch-hiking.. when i see Mark White explanation above.. thank you

  6. Mark White says:

    Hey Taher

    Everything depends on context. Do you know what collocation is? Watch the “lessons” page for some notes on “collocation” coming soon. Language is made up of sets of “high frequency” expressions so it is difficult to definitively say that one word is exactly equal to another word all the time.

    Use the words “protracted” and “prolonged” in phrases.

    “a protracted length of time”

    “a prolonged length of time”

    I would tend to favour the top one and say that I had to wait for a protracted length of time.

    Be careful. You can say :
    “This is good food”
    but you cannot say
    “This is good nutrients”

    cheers M

  7. Taher Galaleddine says:

    Dear Mr. Mark
    i just like to ask is it right to say that :
    nutrients = Food ?
    and prolonged = protracted?

  8. Mark White says:

    Hitch-hiking is standing beside the road with your thumb out (to thumb a ride). It means “asking for a ride” or “asking for a lift” (for free).

    The guy in the picture above is waiting for a car to stop and pick him up. Some people use their thumb. Some use their finger. Some use a sign with a place name on it.

    In the past it was more common in some countries. If we all see each other as brothers and sisters sharing time on this beautiful planet, we can share the journey and share stories and share experiences and increase our understanding.

    I really think we are here to share and to grow by increasing our understanding.

  9. Taher Galaleddine says:

    i’m not sure that can i understand the question : 3. Does hitching a ride help the environment?
    is it mean traviling on the back of animal?

  10. Victoria Reed says:


  11. Mark White says:

    Lesson Ideas

    Internet Research Project

    1.Can you find out anything about a guy hitch-hiking with a fridge? (Who, when, where, how long, why?) (and any other interesting details)

    2. Have there ever been any horrific murders of hitch-hikers in Australia?

    3. How important is hitch-hiking in Cuba? (if you cannot find the answer on the net, watch this site for a conversation about hitch-hiking in Cuba coming soon.


    1. What are the chances of getting into trouble when you are hitch-hiking?

    2. What precautions can you take to make sure you do not get into trouble?

    3. Does hitching a ride help the environment?

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