Eran from Israel

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Mark: So Eran what part of Israel do you come from?
Eran: I am from Rishon. Rishon le Zion.
Mark: From where?
Eran: Rishon le Zion.
Mark: How do you spell that?
Eran: R-i-s-h-o-n.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eran: Would be Rishon.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eran:” L-e” it means “for” in Hebrew.
Mark: For number four?
Eran: “For” like “to”.
Mark: Like “for me”, “for you”, “for me”. Ok.
Eran: And Zion.
Mark: Ah.
Eran: The first of Zion.
Mark: The land of Zion
Eran: The first of Zion.
Mark: Z-i-o-n.
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Right. Ok. And what part of the country is that?
Eran: It is really close to Tel Aviv. It is called (Hebrew). It is like (Hebrew) in Hebrew. It is near the beach.
Mark: It is like a suburb of Tel Aviv?
Eran: No, it is another city. It it is the fourth city in Israel.
Mark: The fourth city.
Eran: Yeah, the fourth city.
Mark: And you were born there?
Eran: Yeah. Raised and born. Born and raised. (laughs)
Mark: And you still live there or now you live somewhere else?
Eran: I am kind of living there. Traveling a lot but I kind of live there.
Mark: And you finished your military service?
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: How long ago?
Eran: A year ago exactly.
Mark: Only one year ago?
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Did you find a job easily?
Eran: It wasn’t that easy but yeah I did find a job.
Mark: That is good. And what kind of job?
Eran: I was working in an oil research company.
Mark: Oil research? Like looking for new reserves of oil?
Eran: In Angola.
Mark: In Angola? In Africa? Wow! Was that dangerous?
Eran: Sometimes. Usually in the morning. (laughs)
Mark: Why is that?
Eran: Because in the morning there is all the bad driving and lots of car accidents and everybody is tired in the morning.
Mark: Right. Did you work for an Israeli company, an American company?
Eran: We had a subcontract from an Australian company.
Mark: An Australian company? In Angola!
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Wow. That is amazing.