Eran from Israel

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Mark: So Eran what part of Israel do you come from?
Eran: I am from Rishon. Rishon le Zion.
Mark: From where?
Eran: Rishon le Zion.
Mark: How do you spell that?
Eran: R-i-s-h-o-n.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eran: Would be Rishon.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eran:” L-e” it means “for” in Hebrew.
Mark: For number four?
Eran: “For” like “to”.
Mark: Like “for me”, “for you”, “for me”. Ok.
Eran: And Zion.
Mark: Ah.
Eran: The first of Zion.
Mark: The land of Zion
Eran: The first of Zion.
Mark: Z-i-o-n.
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Right. Ok. And what part of the country is that?
Eran: It is really close to Tel Aviv. It is called (Hebrew). It is like (Hebrew) in Hebrew. It is near the beach.
Mark: It is like a suburb of Tel Aviv?
Eran: No, it is another city. It it is the fourth city in Israel.
Mark: The fourth city.
Eran: Yeah, the fourth city.
Mark: And you were born there?
Eran: Yeah. Raised and born. Born and raised. (laughs)
Mark: And you still live there or now you live somewhere else?
Eran: I am kind of living there. Traveling a lot but I kind of live there.
Mark: And you finished your military service?
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: How long ago?
Eran: A year ago exactly.
Mark: Only one year ago?
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Did you find a job easily?
Eran: It wasn’t that easy but yeah I did find a job.
Mark: That is good. And what kind of job?
Eran: I was working in an oil research company.
Mark: Oil research? Like looking for new reserves of oil?
Eran: In Angola.
Mark: In Angola? In Africa? Wow! Was that dangerous?
Eran: Sometimes. Usually in the morning. (laughs)
Mark: Why is that?
Eran: Because in the morning there is all the bad driving and lots of car accidents and everybody is tired in the morning.
Mark: Right. Did you work for an Israeli company, an American company?
Eran: We had a subcontract from an Australian company.
Mark: An Australian company? In Angola!
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Wow. That is amazing.

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  1. muslim says:

    Firstly, there is no country called Israel , it’s called palestine . and the most important thing is that “even aside from talking about politics, but talking about rights” even if you say that Israel and palestine are two different places, I think that the Israelian government took our land and divided it into slices as if it is a pizza , but you know the most strange thing that while dividing the pizza, it ate it. so never say “ISRAEL” again coz conqueres are not country owners, and children killers are not human beings.

  2. Pip Allon says:

    I am replying to your above comments, which is not really worthy of a reply, but, I am going to try.
    I was shocked by your ignorance, instead of empty rhetoric, I suggest you come and visit, see for yourself. Israel is NOT a pizza but a democratic country with legal rights for every citizen, male and female.
    We even speak and write English and make use of this terrific websight!

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