Eran from Israel

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Mark: So Eran what part of Israel do you come from?
Eran: I am from Rishon. Rishon le Zion.
Mark: From where?
Eran: Rishon le Zion.
Mark: How do you spell that?
Eran: R-i-s-h-o-n.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eran: Would be Rishon.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eran:” L-e” it means “for” in Hebrew.
Mark: For number four?
Eran: “For” like “to”.
Mark: Like “for me”, “for you”, “for me”. Ok.
Eran: And Zion.
Mark: Ah.
Eran: The first of Zion.
Mark: The land of Zion
Eran: The first of Zion.
Mark: Z-i-o-n.
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Right. Ok. And what part of the country is that?
Eran: It is really close to Tel Aviv. It is called (Hebrew). It is like (Hebrew) in Hebrew. It is near the beach.
Mark: It is like a suburb of Tel Aviv?
Eran: No, it is another city. It it is the fourth city in Israel.
Mark: The fourth city.
Eran: Yeah, the fourth city.
Mark: And you were born there?
Eran: Yeah. Raised and born. Born and raised. (laughs)
Mark: And you still live there or now you live somewhere else?
Eran: I am kind of living there. Traveling a lot but I kind of live there.
Mark: And you finished your military service?
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: How long ago?
Eran: A year ago exactly.
Mark: Only one year ago?
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Did you find a job easily?
Eran: It wasn’t that easy but yeah I did find a job.
Mark: That is good. And what kind of job?
Eran: I was working in an oil research company.
Mark: Oil research? Like looking for new reserves of oil?
Eran: In Angola.
Mark: In Angola? In Africa? Wow! Was that dangerous?
Eran: Sometimes. Usually in the morning. (laughs)
Mark: Why is that?
Eran: Because in the morning there is all the bad driving and lots of car accidents and everybody is tired in the morning.
Mark: Right. Did you work for an Israeli company, an American company?
Eran: We had a subcontract from an Australian company.
Mark: An Australian company? In Angola!
Eran: Yeah.
Mark: Wow. That is amazing.

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28 Responses to “Eran from Israel”

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  1. sayed says:

    really we don’t have any land by the name of ISRAEL also its was the Palestine land but Israel also the themselves religion is Jewish the government of ISRAEL by the support of some non Muslims countries they took and cat some palace of Palestine land and they established by the name of ISRAEL country always they toke out Palestinian by pressure from themselves houses and ISRAEL government and they destroyed the Palestinian houses and mosques in this case they have problem together but i am sure no one can solve that problem with out almighty Allah because most non Muslims countries standing the behind of ISRAEL also ISRAEL troops having development fight weapon but Palestinian defensing from themselves properties and honor with stone

  2. Rodrigo Loaiza says:

    It is sad, but it seems that since the beginning of our existence we, humankind, have been figthing each other. It doesn´t matter if it is for land, food, religión, ideologies or whatever, there is always a reason for figthing. The group and violence (war among other manifestations of violence) were some of the tools that allowed us to survive when we had to compete with species stronger than us, in others words violence is an evolutionary answer that must be in our genes. Maybe that why some people say that humankind is the son of violence (not the son of any God created by differents cultures). Even though it could be difficult to accept, we should change our genes (and therefore become another speceis) to eliminate violence (and war) from our nature.

  3. Saed Alsomali says:

    ow common guys! are you kidding?! there is nothing called Israel. it is a matter of days and they Israelis will refer back to their European countries, from which they were compelled to emigrate. Palestine is for Palestinians not for the occupied authority of so called “Israel”. shame on you! to see the thousands of people who are killed daily by the colony and millions of houses that are destroyed. Those people had killed prophets of the Almighty God and it is impossible to bring peace to Palestine as long as they are occupying our land

  4. hashem says:

    If you search in the (Google engine ) for the so-called Israel before 1948 AD will not find her presence in the world.
    The fact that there is a country and a land called Palestine expelled its people by force by the Zionist gangs occupation in 1948 and and millions of palestinian people are still in refugee camps at the moment under the direct supervision by the United Nations which provide them with some health and education services , which are not enough to need humans

  5. nicola says:

    I am from Italy, I visited Israel last year in september, it was an amazing vojage and it has been a surprise for me. But I would not live in those places, too many check points, a strange atmosphere of danger, and in west bank palestinian I saw much poverty.

  6. shrouk says:

    What I actually think about the conflict between plastine and Israel? What do you know about a land you own and someone else take , your home where someone else live , I am with peace who doesn’t like peace , but first give the right to their owners and then let’s talk about peace

  7. let’s make a peace, hand in hand to make a better living, we can help each other. think that we are all in the same world, have had human right for life

  8. Elias says:

    I am Tanzanian by nationality,living on the planet called earth.Would sincerely like to say that;war is nothing more than brutality and everything is possible if Israel will stop terrorism.

  9. Wendy says:

    Many countries wish peace, but when you response with violence receive violence. Countries should be thinking in other ways for confront the war. People look out in other countries work for better their situation of disagree such as Eran.

    • Tareq says:

      I dont know which democratic country built on kickout 6 millions of the original owner of the land killing them everyday, everywhere.

  10. Thibaut Françoise says:

    2000 years ago, Jesus, who was jewish , was born in a country who was called Palestine.
    Palestine was under foreign occupation at that time. (The ancient Rome) but the natives were
    Jewishes. For me Palestine and Israel is the same country. I don’t understand why so much people
    want to stay there in place of jewishes, because our earth is so much big, and Israel (Palestine) so
    little…with some sand everywhere…and they are so much nice countries everywhere in the world to go…

  11. Mehrez says:

    My name is Mehrez from Tunisia. All along my life, I have lived with the raging conflict in the Middle East. With the Oslo agreements, everybody thought that en end to the conflict was finally there. We all know what happened, especially the assassination of Rabin, after which event, the likud party came to power and the peace process started to experience its gradual demise. Time and again, American presidents and Arab leaders came up with peace initiatives, but they have all failed to bring the warring parties to reason, to accept each other and live in peace.

    My view emanates from these uneneding failures. Peace cannot happen in the present situation and on the basis of two states: Israel and Palestine. There should be ONE country for all: Jews, Muslims, Christians and non-religious people. All should accept to live together. There should be no Hamas, no Palestinian authority, no Israeli government, but a democratic goverment elected by all the people who live there. This government should only pay allegience to the people, not to religion or religions. The new state, call it what you like, should be a secular one. If Israel is a truly democratic state, then it should be the first to shun religion and block all doors for religious doctrine to infest its policy.

    In order to implement this, first and foremost, the countries which have influence in the world must decide to use their power for the sake of the people who live in that part of the world. What is happening is that they’re using it to secure their interests, especially oil resources. So long as they keep calling for two countries, peace will not happen because it simply can’t happen. Secondly, the present governments MUST make drastic changes in their educational policies and work towards creating a culture of mutual acceptance and tolerance. This is sure to take time, but will eventually lead to lasting peace.

    My views,


  12. magid says:

    it is a shame. Israel people and Zionism regime are seized the land of Palestine. they are liar and traitor. because they occupy and make fired Palestine and middle east. Israelions are cause of the first and second world war and they kill child and women. Israel is first broker of international rules and biggest broker and traitor towards Muslim people. I proems you if Israel and America get out from middle east, we will see no war and tension in this region. they are making war and using terrorism to secure their un-legal interest. they are creating war in middle east and Palestine to reach a pretend to continue their presence in Palestine and middle east. Israel and nato are big and pioneers of human right in the world. so , I please Europe people to prevent Israel and their countries from intervening in the middle east. yeas you have biggest responsibility o bout this issues. so wake up and shut down Israel and nato and America. Israel is biggest supporter of daes(isis)and so, world has responsibility to prevent nato and America and Israel from killing people of middle east. please do a research a bout this. the west look at middle east and Islam world such as pizza and a reward. if anybody think that America is looking for freedom and justice , he or she is wrong. we are seeking for truth and justice and freedom. but capitalist people and America and Zionism government are against truth and justice and freedom. thank you.

  13. Francisco says:

    I am 60. Since I was a child I have heard about the suffering in Middle East. It is like a nightmare. Men, women and children living in hell.
    Why the human being is not able to find the way to live in peace? Why are we able to make suffering the others?

  14. antoinette says:

    first, i am from Lebanon , I am Lebanese , I am from the south Lebanon .
    I left my country and come to live in Beirut because Israel destroyed every thing and I lost my brother with the age 20 years old, and wounded my parent . Do you know Israel , this is Israel.

  15. Muna says:

    For me Israel-Palestine conflict is joke. Some Arab agree to be slaves to west and in essence Israel. You know in fact in the past i raised my voice for Palestine being, but now when i saw Islam gets worn especially when i hear many Palestinian come to jehad in my country i believe that no need to support anyone for any case, and i am sure many Palestinian prefer to stay with Israel rather than have land.

  16. Wael khalel says:

    To be frank israel now strong and democratic country
    But why ?
    Offcourse the west countries wanted to compensate the jew followers from the claimed damage they suffered from nazism . However the gift which west offer to jews were not owned by them .
    They give them a gift ( palastine ) which belong to its arab people since thousands of year .
    Besides to that the west supply jew with all means to kill and evacuate the land from its original people .
    So now when we talk about israel power , we should mention that all this because of west supporting it .
    Now lastly jews should come to jerusalem because its mentions in islam stories their destiny wainting for them there some day .

  17. Muslim says:

    We don’t know exactly Israel but we know Israelian who are cruel people and don’t know human rights nor human dignity so one day it will be removed from the human land insha Allah.

  18. ali says:

    War for what ? For land contry for religion just for power human right peace with which verayetti and religion

  19. No name says:

    Its cool. Israel? ! Yes its a place. They have legal right for each citizen.but how long ago this COUNTRY was appear? How? Your government buy some field from Palestine for living. After that they started to kill Palestinian for expand their COUNTRY. I have no problem with any people in any country, but Israel goverment is one of the cruel goverment that have no legal right for other countries citizens. When sb stole sth we cant called him the way . excuse me for my poor language

  20. Nina Nurani says:

    I don’t like political subject, because that will be sensitive for some people , specialise between muslim & jadish.

    So, no comments

    • ISSAW says:


  21. ali says:

    Hello every body
    Our talk is as a book ,but what kind of book ,the book in history that we ignore its first parts and without its first part we want to reach the counclusion This is not the problem of right ,this is the problem that had been happend by authorities
    And now they want us to solved it .

  22. Pip Allon says:

    I am replying to your above comments, which is not really worthy of a reply, but, I am going to try.
    I was shocked by your ignorance, instead of empty rhetoric, I suggest you come and visit, see for yourself. Israel is NOT a pizza but a democratic country with legal rights for every citizen, male and female.
    We even speak and write English and make use of this terrific websight!

    • Imam dui says:

      Israel is a country which took the land of Palestine. I never understand how israel people can live peacefully in that way. They stand under the suffer of Palestenians. They dont heart. Tq

    • Ajay says:

      I am an Indian and I strongly like Israel.. This is a great country.. what I think that Israelis have suffered so much in the past and now they are a strong nation and no country can mess up with them.. I am a great fan of Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu.. If god wishes, I would love to visit Israel once in my lifetime…

      I also feel sorry for the loss of lives on the both sides (Palestine and Israel).. innocent should not die in the conflict..

  23. muslim says:

    Firstly, there is no country called Israel , it’s called palestine . and the most important thing is that “even aside from talking about politics, but talking about rights” even if you say that Israel and palestine are two different places, I think that the Israelian government took our land and divided it into slices as if it is a pizza , but you know the most strange thing that while dividing the pizza, it ate it. so never say “ISRAEL” again coz conqueres are not country owners, and children killers are not human beings.

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