I Was Doing Yoga

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Mark ran into a Japanese guy at a travel agent in Rishikesh.

The Japanese Guy: Do you think I ought to take a local bus all the way?
The Travel Agent: No no no. It is open at five o’clock. Four o’clock. From this time. (There is a direct bus at four or five o’clock)
The Japanese Guy: Today?
The Travel Agent: Yeah, every day.
The Japanese Guy: Every day.
Mark: Where are you going?
The Japanese Guy: Dharamasala.
Mark: Dharamasala.
The Japanese Guy: You been there before?
Mark: No, I want to go.
The Japanese Guy: Too hot right now..here.
Mark: Yeah.
The Japanese Guy: It is no time for yoga now.
Mark: Yeah.
The Guy: I was taking a yoga class.
Mark: Where are you from?
The Japanese Guy: Japan.
Mark: Which part?
The Japanese Guy: Tokyo.
Mark: Right.
Another Customer: Do you how much I can get a…?
The Travel Agent: Seven hundred.
The Other Customer: Seven hundred?
The Travel Agent: Yeah.
The Japanese Guy: (to travel agent) So that is it? Thanks.
Mark: (to the travel agent) Do you have a ticket to…an air ticket from Delhi to Calcutta and also from Delhi to Bangkok?
The Travel Agent: Yes.
Mark: How much?
The Travel Agent: From Delhi to Calcutta and from Delhi to Bangkok. I will check.
Mark: Ok.