There are Mormons All Over the World

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Mark: I am in Phnom Penh and I am talking to Elder Swenson. You are from Utah?
Elder Swenson: I am actually from Montana.
Mark: Right. Ok. But you are a Mormon?
Elder Swenson: I am.
Mark: So there are Mormons outside Utah?
Elder Swenson: There are. There are Mormons all over the world.
Mark: Right. I thought most of them lived in Utah.
Elder Swenson: There is a large number of Mormons in Utah but they are not all in Utah.
Mark: Right. Ok. So you are…you are away for a year?
Elder Swenson: It is actually two years and they call it a mission.
Mark: Ok
Elder Swenson: Right now what I am doing is I am serving my mission here in Cambodia.
Mark: Um-hm.
Elder Swenson: And teaching people in Cambodia about my church.
Mark: Right. So you’ve learned Cambodian?
Elder Swenson: I have.
Mark: Is it very difficult?
Elder Swenson: It is very difficult. But I feel for the Cambodians who are trying to learn English.
Mark: How long have you been here now?
Elder Swenson: I have been in country for about nine months so… and then I studied Cambodian in America for three months. So I have got about one year left. Altogether I have been out about twelve months.
Mark: What do you want to do at college?
Elder Swenson: I want to study biology and I want to become a dentist.
Mark: Wow! Great.