There are Mormons All Over the World

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Mark: I am in Phnom Penh and I am talking to Elder Swenson. You are from Utah?
Elder Swenson: I am actually from Montana.
Mark: Right. Ok. But you are a Mormon?
Elder Swenson: I am.
Mark: So there are Mormons outside Utah?
Elder Swenson: There are. There are Mormons all over the world.
Mark: Right. I thought most of them lived in Utah.
Elder Swenson: There is a large number of Mormons in Utah but they are not all in Utah.
Mark: Right. Ok. So you are…you are away for a year?
Elder Swenson: It is actually two years and they call it a mission.
Mark: Ok
Elder Swenson: Right now what I am doing is I am serving my mission here in Cambodia.
Mark: Um-hm.
Elder Swenson: And teaching people in Cambodia about my church.
Mark: Right. So you’ve learned Cambodian?
Elder Swenson: I have.
Mark: Is it very difficult?
Elder Swenson: It is very difficult. But I feel for the Cambodians who are trying to learn English.
Mark: How long have you been here now?
Elder Swenson: I have been in country for about nine months so… and then I studied Cambodian in America for three months. So I have got about one year left. Altogether I have been out about twelve months.
Mark: What do you want to do at college?
Elder Swenson: I want to study biology and I want to become a dentist.
Mark: Wow! Great.

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8 Responses to “There are Mormons All Over the World”

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  1. María Avendaño A. says:

    It is a very interesting lesson.
    1.Mark is in Phnom Penh. he is talking to Elder Swenson.
    2.He is actually from Montana
    3. No he ins’nt
    4.Elder is serving his mission there.
    5.He has stayed there about nine months.
    6. He wants to study Biology.
    7.He wants to become a Dentist.

    TThanks a lot.

  2. Otoniel Navarro S. says:

    I like this kind of lesson because is like we were living in Cambodia, talking with many people from that city, and then this lesson help me very much.

  3. Zena says:

    Thanks alot. Your lessons are very important and very interesting for me. I want more lessons.

  4. ioan says:

    Your lessons are very interesting for me.
    I wasn’t never in Cambodja but I read
    most about this country. It has a long
    and interesting history. There are more
    old and big cambodjan monuments, and
    I would like to do a tryp in Cambodja.
    Thanks for your interesting english lessons.

  5. Kévin says:

    Thanks for giving me an other opportunity again.

    Responses to “There are Mormons All Over the World

    1. Mark is in Phnom Penh and he is talking to Elder Swenson.
    2. The other guy who is Elder Swenson, is from Montana.
    3. No, Elder Swenson isn’t a tourist.
    4. Another guy is in mission for teaching Cambodjan’s people about its church.
    5. He has been in Cambodia for about nine months.
    6. He has about one year left.

    It will be a huge pleasure to benefit from your studies

    Thank very much

    7. He wants to study biology.

  6. lucky says:

    we need like this conversation,with japanese is very slow

  7. Mark White says:

    1. Where is Mark and who is he talking to?
    2. Where is the other guy from?
    3. Is he another tourist?
    4. What is the other guy doing in Cambodia?
    5. How long has the other guy been in Cambodia?
    6. How long does he have left in the country?
    7. What does he want to do at college?
    8. What career path does he want to take?

    • Justin GOMIS says:

      Mark is in Phnom Penh and taking with elder Swenson
      The other is actually from Montana
      Yes he is another tourist
      He is serving his mission in Cambodia
      He has bein in Cambodia for 9 months
      He left his country about twelves months
      He wants at college to study biology
      He would like to be a dentist

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