Bilingual – English and Arabic – 2

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Mark spoke with an Arab gentleman about the different types of Arabic and then they made a bilingual pod-cast. It was raining at the time. Can you hear the rain in the background?

Mark: You say the same thing in Arabic, ok?
Arab Gentleman from Dubai: But we have got two types of Arabic. We have the local dialect.
Mark: Yeah.
Arab Gentleman: And we have the international Arabic.
Mark: Well…
Arab Gentleman: With the locals we speak our dialect.
Mark: Maybe international is better.
Arab Gentleman: Well, international you can speak it with any other Arab from any other Arab nation.
Mark: Yeah. So that is better. Ok.
Arab Gentleman: Alright.
Mark: Ok. So. International one.
Arab Gentleman: Ok.

It is raining.
It is raining.
It is raining heavily.
It is raining very heavily.
I like the rain.
the sound of the rain
I like the sound of the rain.
the water
the sound of the water
I like the sound of the water.
The sound of the water is beautiful.

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4 Responses to “Bilingual – English and Arabic – 2”

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  1. amane says:

    thank you I want more

  2. Loai says:

    I am Arabic
    from Jordan
    It’s great
    Thank you

  3. Mark White says:

    There will be as soon as I can find some more Arabs.

  4. aa- says:

    this is great
    is there anymore conversations for arabic bilingual?

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