Kirsten from Tasmania

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Mark: So Kirsten what part of Tasmania do you come from?
Kirsten: I come from a place called Launceston in the north of the state. It is the second biggest city in Tasmania.
Mark: Is it on the coast?
Kirsten: No, it is inland on the Tamar River.
Mark: Right. And are you living there at the moment?
Kirsten: No.
Mark: Where have you been living?
Kirsten: I have been living in New Zealand for two years in the biggest city, Auckland, which is on the coast.
Mark: Right ok. So New Zealand and Tasmania; they are both kind of south Pacific islands, I guess. Did you find that they were similar?
Kirsten: Yeah. There’s a lot of similarities. Especially with the South Island and Tassie. A few million years ago they were all connected and there’s similar plants and stuff like that. They are cousins.
Mark: Right.