Outside Oslo

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at catmer

Mark met a Norwegian woman at a cafe.

Mark: What part of Norway do you come from?
The Norwegian Woman: Just outside Oslo.
Mark: Oh Yeah. Is it like part of Oslo?
The Norwegian Woman: No it is a little town kind of east of Oslo, just outside.
Mark: Fishing town? Farming town?
The Norwegian Woman: More farming.
Mark: What is the name of it?

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  1. Mark White says:

    Lesson Idea

    What town do you come from?

    What kind of town is it?

    What is the difference between a city and a town?

    Is it a factory town?

    Is it a bedroom community?

    Is it a ghetto?

    Is it a shantytown?

  2. Romer says:

    Muy baja calidad de audio

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