Outside Oslo

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Mark met a Norwegian woman at a cafe.

Mark: What part of Norway do you come from?
The Norwegian Woman: Just outside Oslo.
Mark: Oh Yeah. Is it like part of Oslo?
The Norwegian Woman: No it is a little town kind of east of Oslo, just outside.
Mark: Fishing town? Farming town?
The Norwegian Woman: More farming.
Mark: What is the name of it?

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  1. Mohamed Fawzy says:

    i live in Egypt and i am studying English but my problem i don’t have practice English with any person. i understand but i cant speak with any one.

  2. alicia says:

    I live in Bogota, Colombia… I.m studying English every day, but the problem I have is in my city all
    people speak spanish I don.t have opportunity to practice.

  3. Lidice Tavares says:

    I come from Santo Domingo the capital of the Republica Dominicana.
    It is a big City has 3 or 4 millions people.
    A town is a small city only two or tree hundred people.
    This country have many supermarkets, many kinds of industries like plastic, sugar, milk, cheese etc.we We has bedroom community, because many people like to see our beach, our people, our food etc.
    There are many other cities in Dominican Republic that offer many activities such as beach, food and drink all the you want, all the day. Some time include airtravel.
    Thank you, I will see you

  4. Romer says:

    Muy baja calidad de audio

    • Lidice Tavares says:

      Thank you for help me to learn English. I want to learn this language, but it is difficulty for me. I live in Dominican Republic ( Republica Dominicana) in this country I don’t have many opportunities to speak English. But I try, try and try all the time, because I am sure that I will learn to speak English very well.

      I am waiting you in other time. Have a good year with healty and all good thing for you.


      • Francisco Cabello says:

        I am learning English too…if you wants we can practice together…I suggest you write me an e-mail to know how can I help you…best regards¡¡

  5. Manoj says:

    Thanks for this article…

  6. Mark White says:

    Lesson Idea

    What town do you come from?

    What kind of town is it?

    What is the difference between a city and a town?

    Is it a factory town?

    Is it a bedroom community?

    Is it a ghetto?

    Is it a shantytown?

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