The Nepalese Minority in Burma

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Australian Fellow: How many Nepali people are there in Burma and how did they come to be there?
Nepalese Chap: We are half a million Nepalese people around Burma and generally we have been in Burma like two hundred years.
Australian Fellow: Two hundred.
Nepalese Chap: Some Nepalese; they have already been and some they came to Nepal as British mercenaries. They joined the British Army.
Australian Fellow: Mercenaries?
Nepalese Chap: Mercenaries. Yeah. Mercenaries. Fourth Rifle Gurkha Army.
Australian Fellow: Right.
Nepalese Chap: …was from Nepal and they settled in Burma and now they are third generation Burmese…
Australian Fellow: And your grandfather was a Gurkha?
Nepalese Chap: Yeah. He was a Gurkha
Australian Fellow: And he is still alive?
Nepalese Chap: Yeah. He is now ninety nine years (old) already.
Australian Fellow: Wow!
Nepalese Chap: And he is a hundred years (old) I guess. Yeah. He is a hundred years (old). He joined the army in the First World War.
Australian Fellow: In the First World War!
Nepalese Chap: Yeah.
Australian Fellow: Wow!
Nepalese Chap: In the First World War. After the First World War. He said like in 1917. 1927 he started to…
Australian Fellow: He joined?
Nepalese Chap: Yeah.
Australian Fellow: Right ok. When did Burma become independent from the British Empire?
Nepalese Chap: First we became independent from the British in 1945 but the Japanese ruled for two years and we fought the Japanese for two years and then we got independence from Japan in like (about) 1947.
Australian Fellow: Right ok.
Nepalese Chap: Like that.
Australian Fellow: Ok.
Nepalese Chap: Now our situation in Burma is not so good. The Nepalese people do not get a lot of respect because these Burmese people; they do not know who we are.
Australian Fellow: So there is a lot of negative discrimination.
Nepalese Chap: Yeah. Negative discrimination. If we go some place they think we are…They have a word that they use for us. It is a very rude word.
Australian Fellow: It is a Burmese word?
Nepalese Chap: It is a Burmese word. They think that we are “kalaa”.
Australian Fellow: Uh-huh.
Nepalese Chap: But we are not “kalaa”.. We are (ethnic) Nepalese. We are Gurkha. Gurkha. Nepalese. After independence the Burmese government said after independence we are Nationals in Burma.
Australian Fellow: You are Burmese Nationals. Burmese Citizens.
Nepalese Chap: Yeah. Burmese citizens. But now to get a citizen card it is really difficult.
Australian Fellow: Mm.
Nepalese Chap: If we go to …like…immig..what do you call it (immigration)?
Australian Fellow: If you want to emigrate?
Nepalese Chap: If we go and apply for our ID card..
Australian Chap: Uh-huh.
Nepalese Fellow: We have to pay a lot more.. than Burmese people.
Australian Fellow: Have to pay more. Ok.
Nepalese Chap: Not like a little more. Maybe fifteen times. Maybe fifty times.
Australian Fellow: Wow! That is terrible.
Nepalese Chap: Yeah. It is like that.
Australian Fellow: Have you been to Nepal?
Nepalese Chap: Me; not yet.
Australian Fellow: Uh-huh.
Nepalese Chap: Nepal and Burma do not have such a good relationship.
Australian Fellow: Right. Ok.
Nepalese Chap: So we don’t go so I have not been but my parents have been many times.
Australian Fellow: What is the Nepal Government’s attitude to the Nepali people who are living in Burma? Will they give them a passport if they go there?
Nepalese Chap: No. No. No. We are Nepalese and we speak Nepalese very well. If we go to Nepal we don’t have that many problems there but still immigration knows that we are from Burma and they are also like “Passport!” or whatever (?) but mostly sixty seventy per cent (of the time) we don’t have so many problems.
Australian Fellow: And your family is from eastern Nepal?
Nepalese Chap: Yeah. The very very east like very near to Burma. The very east of Nepal.
Australian Fellow: Do you still have family members that you have contact with in Nepal?
Nepalese Chap: My Mum’s side all are in Nepal now. My Daddy’s side are in Burma.
Australian Fellow: Right ok.
Nepalese Fellow: My mum’s side are in Burma. And all are (university) graduates, teachers, professors.
Australian Chap: Great. Thanks very much.
Nepalese Chap: You are welcome, Sir.

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76 Responses to “The Nepalese Minority in Burma”

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  1. Milan says:

    Hi I am Nepali citizen and now I am working in South Korea .i want to visit Myanmar where most of neplease people living . I want to connect them . NepAli is our surname and no need to describe more about our relationship. Proud of you Burmese Gurkhas . Our culture is still alive in Burma ? ??

  2. Manu Thapa says:

    Hi! I want to visit Myanmar soon! But I don’t where to meet neplease in Yangoon!

  3. Raj says:

    I am Raj from Qatar and doing recruitment business. There is good vacancies for Burmese in Qatar and I want to connect any of person who are Nepalese origin in Burma.

    Please contact my mobile +974-70441703 ( Whatsapp) if any Nepalese from Burma

  4. Blue Chime says:

    Kala??? Nepalese in general are lighter in skin tone than Burmese. Why in the hell would someone call Nepalese a kala? No offence but this blog is hilarious.

  5. Thanh says:

    thank you

  6. Asish Adhikari says:

    hi there, I am from NEPAL. Do not know what to comment but i really want to write something. REALLY PROUD OF YOU GUYS.
    and THANKYOU.

  7. kalu poudail says:

    hi there i m a nepali from burma . if u want to come to burma contact me in my fb
    kalu pdl

  8. CHETAN GURUNG says:

    i am also searching my relatives living in Burma.

  9. Shahin says:

    Hi,thanks for this information.It was very interesting for me

  10. Anu says:

    Hey guys..I am a Nepali Citizen. I enjoyed the conversation above and comments from Nepalese all over the world.We Nepalese have a brave history because of Gurkha Soldiers.I feel really bad when any Nepali anywhere in this world is being discriminated.I wish all the Nepalese In Burma will be respected in the Burmese Society in this changed political situation.The world is looking at Burma believing to be a developed country.So do we Nepali.Nepal is also going through so many rubish political situation.Let’s make a better Nepal and better Burma as a deserving place to live.

    • DB Thapa says:

      Hi Anu,
      Namaste and warm greeting from Nepal.I am really proud to be a Nepali because we Nepali settled Burma and other country also and they involve in British Gurkha.

  11. Kishor kc says:

    hy i am from nepal i want to know something..thats is…people from..those who live in Bharma speak…which launguage…Manily…those nepali…friends.know how to speak…Bharma launguage…

    • Zaw says:

      Mosty they speak Myanmar dialect(Myanmar) and most of them can speak their mother tongue.(Nipali).
      Also you can use English as a universal language .

  12. kiki says:

    Hi .. my name is kiki. I’m from Burma ( yangon). I’m working in UAE. My nepali friends are talking about nepali ppl in Burma. So I google it and found this. But I want to know where is it exactly located in Myanmar Map.? I want to visit there and explore their cultures as well.. If anybody know, let me know.. plz

  13. Nandu Gyawali says:

    It’s great to see that there’s somebody who’s interesting to talk about nepali, yeah ?

    As you mentioned,yes!! we nepalese are being discriminated directly or indirectly constantly in Burma.
    I don’t know how to measure that kind of feeling you get when you feel like a minority & they just ignore you like you don’t exist there. It hurts…. this is my real experience.!!!!

  14. Dr.Sudhan Paudel says:

    Hello friend,
    I am very happy to hear that, nepalese people in burma are very happy. I appreciate your conversation. My late grandfather was also gone Burma as a priest of Gorkha batalian. He was stay at Machina City. I am very interested to come burma and write a book on the base of busmise Nepali peoples struggle and achievement including their present. Could you help or suggest me ? Thanks.


  15. Caroline Tamang says:

    Is there (Burma) Nepali Tamang Association ???? I am searching my dad”s sisters. Which I heard from dad.Now dad is no more but he told me to find out if possible.

  16. samaya adhikari says:

    i want to contact our generation who are in burma
    do contact me on facebook
    samaya adhikari

  17. Ram kumar Baniya says:

    hey there, i m from Nepal and we been working on a Movie. Name is Talakjung vsTulke, a very good story, and i was to planning to reach all the Nepalese speaking people around the world. Hopefully we can reach to almost 30 countries and, we want to go especially to Burma and India;where there are many many Nepalese people so if u guys could help us, than we could easily preserve our language and make Nepali film industry grow. we can find us in facebook , , or can mail me directly

  18. rohan says:

    Hi I am really proud to be a Nepali

  19. deepak says:

    I’m a Nepali citizen and visiting Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)next month (June), I’m so excited to meet Nepali origin Burmese in Myanmar. Is there any Nepali society/organization in Yangon, so that I can contact and could meet Nepali family?

    • Zaw says:

      How about your trip in Myanmar?
      Have a nice trip.
      Try to come again. I want to help you with some contact.
      Discrimination are still wide but we have to stay our mother land anyway.

      I am not Nipalise but I love all people.

  20. dil pun says:

    dear purna,
    i also wish to visit burma to know more about nepalese minority in burma.

    let us go together if you wish …

    mail me: or in skype: dilpun

  21. Purna Duwal says:

    I am working journalist of Rajdhani National, Daily from Nepal. I want to know about Burmes Nepali. I m trying to go myanmar. If u have any information about them. plz send me email in

  22. NepaliUK says:

    I was born in Pokhara and was adopted as a baby by a European couple as a orphan and went to the UK with my new family. I have a met many Nepali here in England.
    Also when travelling in Asia meet many Burmese Nepali’s in Thailand working as tailors.
    I estimate their is 3 million Nepali’s outside Nepal in UK,USA,Canada,Australia,NZ.
    And many millions more in Hong Kong,Singapore,Malayasia,Thailand,Brunei,Burma,Bhutan,India and Middle East states like Dubai,Qatar,Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Some are migrant workers others are citizens and have been there for generations.
    World famous Nepali’s like fashion designer Prabal Gurung born in Singapore lives in USA. Balram Chainrai Hong Kong based multi millionaire businessman.

    Nepali’s worldwide need to work together to make Nepal a better place so it can develop and one day be the Switzerland of Asia. With India and China on either border it is a great moment to develop with 2 finacial super powers on either side. We must take advantage of this opportunity.

    I love Nepal.

    • deepak says:

      I’m a Nepali citizen and visiting Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)next month (June), I’m so excited to meet Nepali origin Burmese in Myanmar. Is there any Nepali society/organization in Yangon, so that I can contact and could meet Nepali family?

    • sundar poudel says:

      I think balram chainrai is not nepali,he is sindi why u giving false information,to nepali…..

  23. Chiran says:

    Hi and Nameskar,
    To all Burmese Nepali.Happy to hear that about 50lakhs nepalese are there in Burma.I m from Indin Nepali and want to more about Burmese Nepalis situation now a days.

  24. Lochan says:

    Thank for this information. It’s really great to know about Nepalese in Burma, but the situation is still not good for them even after 200 years. I salute and respect our brave Gurkha. I am happy to help for my side for Nepalese who live in Burma.
    thank you,
    take care guys, proud of you..

  25. Rommagar says:

    thanks all you barma ?????? …………..i’m rommagar from Nepal pokhara ! I’m very happy to know about barma where Nepalese people living many,many ! I want more information about barma ?????? so pls add me ……,………YouTube rommagar ,thank you

  26. raj says:

    Nepali in Burma are very happy.they love Burma and Burmese people like Nepali too.we share same culture and religion.they are Burmese first then nepali minority.

  27. uttam sharma says: IS my mail .id

    • Dr.Sudhan Paudel says:

      Hello friend,
      I am very happy to hear that you are interested in Nepalese people. I appreciate your conversation. My late grandfather was also gone Burma as a priest of Gorkha batalian. He was stay at Machina City.


      • Gopal says:

        Dr. Sudhan,

        You have really pathetic English. Please work on it. I’mm telling this specially because you are doctor..

  28. uttam sharma says:

    hello man nice 2 hear our gorkha family is also in burma if u wannah make friend with indian gorkha/nepali you can contact in my mail above mention

  29. Sakka says:

    Well… I’m really appreciated on each and every one emotionally-mentioned up there. I’m also one of Burmese born Nepalese. Yes. Most of us are not treated well as before 1990. Some new generation of Burmese military personnel don’t know how many number of Gurkha(Brave Nepali) were dead in fighting against Japan and Kuonmintang-white Chinese invasions. Apart from that,Gurkhas served in the new republic’s various campaigns against ethnic insurgents. By then Gurkha was considered as a key asset of the Burmese Army in 1950s. In these days, we third Gurkha generation in Burma hardly join Burmese army due to the civil war among the ethnicity are unfairly going on. about one-third of young generation go to Thailand.

    Originally, I am from Natmu(northern Shan State) and our house in the middle of Bazaar was confiscated by Burmese Military in 1987 till now. There is very little hope to go to the court yet.

    Our hope remain with Daw Aung San Su Kyi(the democratic leader of Burma)winning the 2015 election and then the equal right will be possible.

    Please pray for us.

  30. lama says:

    i love nepal

  31. hami nepali jaha bhaye pani eek hou
    jay nepal jay nepali

  32. sanjeev Bhujel says:

    I have very deep feeling with the nepalese living from Burma. Because my great grand father if from Burma. still some of my relatives are there in Burma but we dont have contact.If everything will be fine then I will visit in Burma some day. If any of the nepalese living in Burma can keep in touch with me to share some view and ideas.

  33. Prashant Upadhyaya says:

    Dear All,
    I am very happy by knowing that there are half of the million Nepali living in Burma.
    I believe that where ever we are but we are Nepali/ Gorkhali. Yes Burmese Nepali should have to be united and fight for their rights. Burmese government must have to treat equally Gorkhali as other community in Burma.
    Anyway I would like to invite in FACEBOOK( to all the people who commented on this post.
    I want to be connected with all Nepali/Gorkhali who are from Burma and NorthEast part of India because “YO MAN TA MERO NEPALI HO!”

  34. Burmese govt sucks, hav seen my khukri, yes ma khukri it wana shed ur gay burmese blood, if i see Burmese people in ma area na dat he gona had it . Yes he gona face my Khukuri .

  35. Yes…. Its very sad 2 knw abt da people in Nepali people of Burma,,, Yes I just wana say dat the Burma govt should treat the Nepali of their country well evn ma Grandfathar was British Army bt afta retirement he stayed in India n nw ma father is an Colonel in 2nd5 Indian GorkhaRifles and the Indian Govt treat us vry well n we are given equal right just like other Indian and Citizen is given 2 any 1 whu want 2 stay here and the main thng is dat v never feel dat v r othrsider is seems like we r in our own anciester land .The Burmere govt should respect da sacrifies made by Gurkha people or else i suggest all my Nepali 2 leave that fucking Country who cant respect a Gurkha, i knw its hard 4 u all start 2 new life in ne other allien country bt see 4 u future generation dey shud nt face ne problem . N lastly i just wana state 4 da Burma govt dat dnt underestimate our Gurkha People if my Gurkha folks get irritated na dat u Burmese wont b any where, dnt chu act heroic in ur own country if got gutts cum newhr in Nepal, (Gorkhaland) darjeelin India, Shillong etc…. Jai Gorkha keep ua heads up ol ma Gurkha folks v came 4rm a vry brave communitty whch is recognised 4rm da whle world.

  36. Chandra Kumar Limbu says:

    I have to be honest here. My dad had told me there are nepalese who were left behind in world war 2 in Burma but had never seen or heard any where else. This is my first day researching and i am quite dissapointed the nepalese in Burma are not treated equally.
    Another sad thing is, Nepal will accept indian nationals as Nepalese but will not accept Nepalese as Nepalese. I have seen loads of Bhutanese refugees who were Nepalese but were denied passports. I was very angry at our government.
    I can only pray to god to unite Nepalese and Nepal and lead us to better future.

  37. Raju says:

    Feeling glad that there is someone who knows this much about our Nepali Minority…..want to know the whereabouts of this nepali chap…

  38. Suman Rana says:

    WTF……….wat does the Burmease Government think of themselves ? Dont Discriminate our nepalese Brother who are living out their…………….We living in India we are havin a very good and lavish life, but after knowing abot of Burmese Nepali it Really Hurting…………. So, I just T5o all the Nepalese in Burma To leave Burma and COME TO YOUR own COntry Nepal or Try to come in India and join The Gorkha Regiment Lastly i Just wana say jAI GORKHA………………………

  39. sekhar thapa says:

    To my knowledge i’ve heard that nepalese were driven away in the past from burma its good to know that our existense is still there in that part of the world

  40. indru goutam says:

    mr. gopal battarai
    me too from burma as u said from pin phi , i live there for 25 years and now i m in thailand . i m very happy to see ur letter here.i like to contact u on face book . my face book id andrew goutam , email;id is
    thank you

  41. rabi lama says:

    hi guys i happy to knows half millions nepali people in burma” but i dont know how they was in burma so can i know’s about it please mail to me and facebook rabi lama waiba just sourch it la

  42. says:

    Hi, All. Please read, Think and Share Following Article About Nepali Origine People who have been living out of their motherland. Hope, you will be positive & Optimistic.

    Please, click the following link which is in Unicode Nepal.

  43. sabita says:

    So proud to see all Nepali living in different country .No matter where we live we are Gorkhas/brave nepali. Now, It’s time for us to build our great nation and live in peace and harmony. I know while growing up in Nepal ,we had one whole village (Burmeli tol)with Nepali people who had return home from burma after living for generations .WE do not see any difference between nepali living in Nepal or living aboard .Nepal is our home,motherland no matter where we live.
    Great to see you guys here.If someone is planning to settle down in nepal.I’m sure your own people will help you .Nepal is a vibrant,prosperous,little heaven My Nepal ,my pride.
    Om shanti shanti shanti


    Nepal needs reformation. Get rid of all the corrupt politicians and their ways and how they make and break laws of the nation that has harmed and polluted the common society in Nepal. Until these politicians who are busy digesting bribes and national budgets are got rid off or locked up in prison for life for their treachery Nepal and Nepalese are and will be strangers in their own country.
    Don’t expect to find justice in Nepal except you have you BIG brother called money with you. It means you will be a stranger and a minority in your own country. This is the real Nepal.

    • sabita says:

      I agree with you to some extent. We voted those politicians,now is the time we need to learn lesson from past experience and VOTE right people to lead our Great Nation Nepal. Nepal is vibrant ,prosperous ,as peaceful as it can be .
      Jai Nepal

  45. sea says:

    hi every body,nice to know about burmis nepali.i am nepali and now studying in thailand i am going to do research about health condition of nepali native burmis people who working in thailand, and i need authentic statistic and other information if you help me to get this information please send me

    • jasmine says:

      i would like to know about your research there anyway i can contact you.i am also in thailand, bangkok.
      please let me know .
      thank you

      • bharat says:

        hi there, may i know where is burmese nepalese people more concentrated living places…coming october i am coming to thailand for visit 🙂

  46. Gopal Bhattarai (Pradeep) says:

    Hi every body,
    I,too used to be in Burma,Taunggyi the capital city of Southern Shans State.
    I was born in Tyaunggyi Myo.But later on our family transited towards Lawk Sawk.Its a nice village called Pin Phwi.There after we shifted to Shwe Nyaung and from there we moved to nepal as good.My unforgetable friends are:- Gopal Tandon,Obraj and Muse Bhai etc.I love my Didi Jhankuri.If anyone from my former area of Burma existing elsewhere in the world may contact me via the mail adress or face book .Thanks a lot.

    • Bhim Chettri says:

      You should be more than happy on comming back to your home country. You should be proud that being a Nepali, You aren’t in foreign country being dominated. I was born in Bhutan, but we moved to Nepal. I’m more proud to be called as a Nepalese than Bhutanese. I am proud Nepali. WE ARE NEPALI

  47. Kashiram Rijal says:

    Hey everybody!
    I used to be in burma.I born there and graduate there.But now I am in Nepal for almost thirteen years.Still I can speak and write burmese.If anyone from Tamu,Sagaing please contact me on facebook.Thanks


      Hi…everybody|i am nepali from burma. let’s me introduce about myself. my name is bisnuulal neupanay. i live in india and burma boder city called Tamu. i want to know one things, what people of nepal think of us, nepali from burma.can we (nepali from burma)permanent settlementing is allowed from nepal goverment in future.can we come nepal freely without hesitated.we are nepali blood and we love nepal very much. where ever we lived.

      • Kashiram Rijal says:

        Namaskar Bishnu Ji,
        I hope everything is well with u. I also used to be in Tamu, and moved to Nepal in late 1997. Now let me tell you the truth, anyone from foreign country is treated as a foreigner in Nepal, even Nepali origins. I will start with my own story, we have our relatives in Nepal. Like other Nepali in Myanmar.When we arrived here, they treated us very well but when it comes to prove our relation officially, they refused.You know why? They are afraid because they have to share thier property.We said we don’t need anything but they didn’t believe us.Then they took us to police and The police warned us to go back.After that we spent a big amount of money to obtain citizenship.It was not so hard but we felt something like being refugees in own motherland.Anyway, now all is well by the mercy of God.You can contact me on facebook or and my mobile no.+971558674742 ( Dubai).

      • Santosh says:

        Hi Bishnulal,
        i am also a nepali from burma now living in thailand. i am from Mandalay and used to go to BEHS No.26 School.
        have a good day.

  48. chhetri says:

    its really good
    i got concept of the people living in myanmar

  49. LKK says:

    Hi Tek ji, Nice to know that U r Burmese Nepali. Can I have ur E-mail add?

  50. hi,everybody
    How are you.let’s me introduce about myself.My name is Takebahadurkarki.My parents are HOmbahadurkarki and Davikarki.Iam from myanmar.Iam a University student.

    • him kumar ghimire says:

      nice 2 know that u r from burma
      i m also a nepali speaking fellow from northeast india
      do u have account on facebook, orkut etc….

  51. Siddhanjan Subba says:

    I am happy to know that about half a million nepalese live in Burma but somehow sad to know their situation there. Wherever, all nepalis should be integrated emotionally.


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