Bilingual – English and Spanish – 4

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Use this post to learn English and Spanish at the same time.

I have a visa.
I don’t have a visa.
I have a passport.
I don’t have a passport.
Do you have a visa?
Does he have a visa?
I have a passport but I don’t have a visa.
It is difficult.
It is difficult to get a visa.
I have a visa for Mexico.
I don’t have a visa for America.
I have a visa for Argentina.
I don’t have a visa for Canada.
I have a visa for Peru but I don’t have a visa for Australia.
a one-month visa
a two-month visa
a three-month visa

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  1. Alicia Hofmehyer. says:

    This is the best way of learning, I’m pleased.

  2. romulo says:

    I like this system to learner of English
    is very good to me.
    good day

  3. romulo says:

    hello there
    Is very important to learn English with the real pronunciation and its translation her native language.
    is the better
    thanks for this


  1. […] Note the non standard use “for to save” which would usually be “to save”. Is it a grammatical borrowing from Spanish because the southern US is near Mexico where Spanish was spoken? Much of the southern US once belonged to Spain and Mexico. Do you speak Spanish? […]

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