Mashed, Smashed, or Whipped Potatoes

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Wayne, from northern Kentucky, explains to Aaron the difference between mashed, smashed, and whipped potatoes.

Aaron: What’s the difference between mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes, and whipped potatoes?
Wayne: Well, whipped potatoes are when you take a blender and you blend them with a blender and beat them.
Aaron: Yeah?
Wayne: And they get kind of frothy
Aaron: Yeah.
Wayne: And they get real light…
Aaron: Uh-huh.
Wayne: Kind of light.
Aaron: OK
Wayne: Alright? And smashed – or mashed – potatoes…
Aaron: Yeah?
Wayne: Are when you just take a fork…
Aaron: Uh-huh.
Wayne: You add your whipping cream or your butter…
Aaron: Yeah?
Wayne: Or your milk…
Aaron: OK.
Wayne: Grandma Campbell used to put milk…a little bit of milk with it.
Aaron: OK.
Wayne: And you just take a fork and you kind of beat it a little bit with a fork.
Aaron: Yeah.
Wayne: Smashed potatoes are what some of the restaurants – if it’s like a barbecue joint…
Aaron: Um-hm.
Wayne: They will just take a fork after they cook the potatoes…
Aaron: Yeah?
Wayne: And put their whipped cream in it or whatever and just take a fork and smash it a few times…
Aaron: Oh.
Wayne: And maybe whip it just a couple of times…
Aaron: Yeah?
Wayne: And throw it on your plate and it’s got chunks of potatoes in it. It’s smashed.
Aaron: Yeah.
Wayne: And you can have it with gravy or just whatever.
Aaron: Wow! That sounds delicious.

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