The Man from Marseilles

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Mark: So Eric, you are from France?
Eric: Yes.
Mark: Which part?
Eric: Which park?
Mark: Which part?!
Eric: My part is Marseilles. My city is Marseilles and my country is France.
Mark: But you speak English with an Indian accent.
Eric: An Indian accent? It is true?
Mark: It is nice.
Eric: It is strange because in France I have had a good teacher and for the accent very strict, no?
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eric: Because in France we say: “Where is my car?” You know?
Mark: With a strong accent?
Eric: Yeah a strong accent. The teacher said, “No. Where is your car?” It is different, no?
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eric: It is ok. That is why in India also they speak like me. Not with a big accent and me also. I do not have a strong accent in English. That is why for me it is easier to understand the Indian English.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Eric: Sometimes I heard some people who came from England and they had a very strong accent. I did not understand.
Mark: A difficult accent?
Eric: Yes because they rolled…You understand rolling accent?
Mark: Not really. Rolling? Rolling (their “r”s)?

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  1. mustafa says:

    Actually, my level in English is like beginning-er so if I say I have an accent that means I am like native speaker, but I want to have an American accent, because American accent is easier to understood so that I prefer American accent to others accents such as British and Australian.I can speak more than one language fluently, first language that I speak is like local language we just use it in our a village and second language is like general language we use it in colloquial in my country.

  2. Naroth says:

    .Thanks for a nice conversation to make me learn more about English

  3. P De Mario says:

    I live in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, capital from the State of São Paulo.
    For me it’s very simple to speak English without accent, because São Paulo, has many people from others countries. São Paulo was colonized by Italians, Germans, Portugueses, Spanishes, and people form the Arabic countries. So our accent from São Paulo is different from others States from Brazil. So, based in this traditions, the people from São Paulo has no difficult to speak others languages. The people that was born in São Paulo city, is called ” Paulistano”. And the people who was born in other cities from the State of São Paulo is called “Paulista”.

  4. oshadee jayawickrama says:

    I’m a Sri Lankan student.this conversations are really help to me for improving my English knowledge.
    And I like to learn English in this way. Thank you so much for this good support.

  5. Jorge says:

    A nice and useful conversation.
    I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My father with Italian origins and my mother with German ones. I grew up speaking Spanish and German. Later I study English and a bit of French.

  6. Amy says:

    and thank you so much for the wide panel of conversations. This one is great fun for my (French) students!
    Wishing you the very best…and Good luck!

  7. Carlos Saavedra says:

    Nice conversation to practice.

  8. Sergio says:

    Dear friends:
    I saw your offers in E .English at Internet and so I decided to drop those lines to you and hope you enjoy it and wrotte me back to try to help each other in the Real English wrotte and spoacking. I am brazilian and my mother language is Portuguese and I live In Rio de Janeiro, Brasil ( with “s” never “z” )
    I have been travelling by U.S.A. and United Kingdon for a couple of time and also by the entire Europe incluiding Swissland. My name is Sergio and I am a retired police officer for Rio de janeiro P.D. (Police Chief level)
    I always praticque my English and French lessons in the Web Internet (free videos)
    I intend to travel again next december to Berna (Swissland) because I appreciatte the snow very much.
    Now I hope I can hear from you soon and I`m looking forward in this way! Best regards, Sergio

  9. flordeliz bantilan says:

    the conversion is throughly related to the life issue wherein you would ask somebody from what country is he belong which is also usually happened if you can meet a person, maybe for the first time

  10. flordeliz bantilan says:

    the conversion is throughly related to the life issue wherein you would ask somebody from what country is he belong which is also usually happened if you can meet a person, maybe for the first time

  11. Jegadish says:

    nice conversations…………it helps me more

  12. Suhanto says:

    Dear Editor of English Conversation

    I find your web great English learning materials. I appreciate them as an English teacher from Surabaya Indonesia. Your contribution is very useful for me.

    Suhanto Kastaredja

  13. ojieea says:

    nice conversation and story..thank q!!

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