Mixed British Accents

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(Can you tell a person from Southampton by the way they talk; by their accent?)

First English Guy
: Oh yeah.
Englishwoman: That’s Southampton. It is about as far south as you can get.
First English Guy: “Mush”. By the way they use “mush” and things like that. That is a Southampton thing. Always used to get my back up. Mush.
Australian Guy: What does that mean?
Second English Guy: Like “mate.” I don’t know where it comes from.
First English Guy: “Are you having a drink, mush?” I always thought that was a Southampton thing but that is a Portsmith thing, as well?
Second Englishman: (nods)(non-verbal signal)
First Englishman: Oh, Ok.

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6 Responses to “Mixed British Accents”

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  1. Rafique Halo says:

    I do believe that the people of the city they speak very quickly and also the new generation have got their way and pace of talking.

  2. Christon says:

    it’s also say, It Annoys me.
    after listening their accent,,it’s hard to understand..

  3. moghi says:

    I am living in Tehran, one of real megacity that the pace of life is very fast. I do believe that the adolescent and young generation have their own way of talking, they utilize the new words and beside talk so fast that for adult seems quite strange

  4. Valere BERAMBAYE says:

    I have just finished to listen this mixed British accent but I can’t understand anything.I heard only three or four words distinctly without transcript. I think that I have enormous endeavour to do.

    • Mark White says:

      People from big cities often talk very very quickly. The people in this conversation are all competing for the chance to talk and they speak very quickly. Londoners, New Yorkers and Parisians talk very fast in my experience. It is not only an “English” thing. I think it is an urban thing. Maybe it is connected with the pace of urban life?

      You are French speaker, right? Have you spent time in Paris? Do you think people in your country speak faster if they are from a big city.

      I am from rural Australia originally and people out there speak much more slowly than people from the city.

      • Ahmed says:

        You are absolutely Right
        I speak Arabic and Russian
        The people of the city they speak faster than the people of Villages

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