Virginia Accent

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The Guy from Virginia: No. Marriage is a family-oriented….family institution. If you want to have a family…
The Other Guy: The family is sacred.
The Guy from Virginia: …get married. That is the way I see it. If I wanted right now …wanted June to have a baby, I would want to be married.
The Other Guy: You believe in God?

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7 Responses to “Virginia Accent”

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  1. gayathri says:

    It is very difficult to understand

  2. Dalign says:


  3. mohammed ghreib says:

    its very diffcult

  4. adel says:

    that’s an American accent but I can’t understand very well.

  5. omor faroque says:

    this is omor frome mirpur-11, block-b lane-2
    i cant understand this language. this is really not american or brithsh accent

    • Maria says:

      This is an american accent. I think You can also hear something similar to that from Chicago people.It requires concentration in order to understand what that guy is saying. Good practice!

    • Michael says:

      It’s American. It’s a southern state accent. Many of the accents by the Mississippi River are hard to understand. Some of them have a drawl when they speak. Sometimes it’s hard to understand even to native speakers like myself. I’m from Canada, I live in the west but sometimes I have a hard time understanding people from the east coast–they mumble a lot! (They don’t open their mouths wide enough)

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