I make Bread and Pizza

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Mark: What was your name again?
Hannan: My name is Hannan Benetan.
Mark: One more time.
Mark and Hannan: Hannan.
Mark: Hannan. How do spell that?
Hannan: H-a-n-n-a-n.
Mark: H-a-n-a. Hannan. What part of Israel do you come from?
Hanan: Rishon le Zion. The same city as Eran.
Mark: Did you work in Africa as well?
Hanan: No. I work in Israel in a bakery.
Mark: That is a beautiful job.
Hanan: I make bread and pizza and …
Mark: So you have to wake up every morning very early?
Hanan: Yes.
Mark: And what time do you finish work?
Hanan: Every day I work for like ten hours. I guess sometimes twelve.
Mark: That is too long.
Hannan: Yes but it is ok. It is a good one.
Mark: You like it.
Hanan: Yeah I like it.

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