London Accent

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London Bloke: Personally to myself, Class A drugs are drugs that…Ok I will put it this way…
Australian Bloke: Speed. Co…?
London Bloke: I will put it this way. To me non-Class A drugs are drugs that can be cultivated without any …modern farming techniques … or chemical interference… for example… non-Class A drugs: marijuana, even opium. Yeah? Class A drugs: heroin, cocaine, crack, ice, MDMA: ecstasy, ketamine. That to me is class A drugs.
Australian Bloke: What have they all got in common?
London Bloke: They all eat Mr Jack(?)

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  1. Mark White says:

    Follow-up Listening and Discussion Questions for Advanced Vocabulary and Analytical Skills.

    Use the internet where appropriate to research and then write answers to the questions below, and be prepared to provide oral answers as well.

    1. What are class A drugs according to the informant?
    2. What have they all got in common?
    3. Who is Mr Jack?
    4. Is there a relationship between illegal drug use and organised crime?
    5. Does police corruption play a role in illegal drug use?
    6. Should illegal drug users be punished with imprisonment?
    7. Regarding punishment or rehabilitation as a way of dealing with drug offenders, which of the two alternatives do you prefer?
    8. What percentage of the prison population are non-violent drug users who have committed no other offence than to possess or use illegal drugs?
    9. What percentage of the prison population are non-violent traffic offenders who have committed no other offence than non-payment of a parking fine?
    10. Should the provision of rehabilitation services for alcoholics and drug addicts be grouped together under a common umbrella or separated into two separate government departments?
    11. Should programs like this be administered by the government or a private organisation?
    12. Why is the privatisation of prisons a serious civil liberty concern?


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