Making a Cup of Tea

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Australian Fellow: When you make a cup of tea, like, do you, like, put the milk in first or put the sugar in first or put the tea in first? Is there some, like, special way you do it?
Irish Fellow: Put the sugar and the tea-bag in together then pour in the water and leave it sit. Yeah. Never squeeze the tea bag
Australian Fellow: Never squeeze the tea bag?
Irish Fellow: Never squeeze the tea bag.
Australian Fellow: What about the milk? You put the milk in last?
Irish Fellow: Put the milk in last. Give it five or ten minutes to let the tea bag diffuse then dump in the milk.
Australian Fellow: That is if you are using a tea bag but if you make a pot of tea a lot of people say you should put the milk in first and then put the tea in second because if you put the milk in second, it leaches the flavor out of the tea. Have you ever heard that?
Irish Fellow: I have heard that putting the milk in first is better because … otherwise the tea gets burned.. from the boiling water.
Australian Fellow: Mm.
Irish Fellow: I am not too sure on that.
Australian Fellow: There is nothing like a good cup of tea.
Irish Fellow: No, there is not.

Drinking tea in Hell

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  1. Hello i want to drink coffee of milk

  2. James says:


    Milk in tea was introduced due to the delicate nature of china tea cups.

    By putting milk at the bottom of the tea cup, when you poured boiling water in, it was cooled down to the point at which it no longer could break the china tea cup.

    Why do people still put milk in tea? Simple, everybody does it.

    So what is the correct way of making tea?

    Unfortunately, many of you have probably never heard of anything but a tea bag. Tea bags tend to have tea leaves that are treated in a factory condition which means each bag goes through many procedures to get it to your super market. So not surprisingly, you get tangy tanins and over dried bits and bobs that make your cup of tea a little unbearable without a glug of milk thrown in with it.

    A real cup of tea that is noticeably cleaner and smoother than the tea bag is prepared in many ways. A suitable on-the-go way is to buy a tiny tea strainer: .

    Simply pour boiling water in to your cup, place a level spoonful of tea leaves into the strainer and submerge delicately into the cup. Leave for two minutes undisturbed. As soon as the time is up, very very slowly stir the strainer around (to insure the infusions escape) and pull out of cup.

    That tea is indeed what tea was originally created to be like (China is first known origin). Smooth yet vibrant and refreshing. Milk, as you will taste, will not be necessary, neither will a spoonful of sugar.

    The British way is the best way, so let’s be British and do it the best way 🙂

  3. mounir algeria says:

    i think that the best way to make a cup of tea is .first at all .you should put the water intill it became built than you put the tea and suger.but i never drink tea like algerian tea because as algerian tea has no erqual

  4. Parissa says:

    The best tea in the world is the tea from Iran. By the way, tea bags suck. You have to get the actual jar of tea leaves, brew them up, pour a little in your cup (depending on how dark or light you want it), then…
    You pour your already boiled, hot water. I usually pour the water 3/4 of the way. Then the last 1/4, I pour cold water in. It doesn’t make the tea so hot–I like to gulp down tea, unlike my parents who take time and slowly slurp away. Then, the part comes to when you sprinkle in sugar. Mmmm, I just had some a few minutes ago…

  5. Daniel says:

    In my family weve made tea the same way for decades I learnt off my grandma my grandma learnt off her grandma and so on. We always put the teabag/leaves in the pot then we pour the boiling water over the tea to release the flavour (especially if your using leaves) we then leave it to stand for a while. Then we pour it in the cup and add the required milk. I agree with Iryn it does taste better out of a pot but in our family we like it plain and strong like proper Brits!
    P.S If using teabags try using Tetly as we find Twinings and Earl Grey leave an awful aftertaste.

  6. Iryn says:

    I’ve never put the milk in the tea. I like the tea with the lemon and the sugar. Always make a pot of tea, it tastes better than if you use a bag of tea. In first, put some lemon and sugar into a cup, then pour boiled water, in last add some tea from a pot of tea.
    Good taste!

  7. Mark White says:

    1. How does the Irish fellow make a cup of tea?
    2. Should you squeeze the tea bag?
    3. Should you put the milk in first?
    4. When should you put the sugar in?
    5. There is nothing like a good cup of tea, is there?

  8. Tea site says:

    Put the milk in first because 1) it tastes better, 2) it stops the milk getting scalded by the hot water and 3) it’s the *right* way to do it ..!


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