Making a Cup of Tea

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Australian Fellow: When you make a cup of tea, like, do you, like, put the milk in first or put the sugar in first or put the tea in first? Is there some, like, special way you do it?
Irish Fellow: Put the sugar and the tea-bag in together then pour in the water and leave it sit. Yeah. Never squeeze the tea bag
Australian Fellow: Never squeeze the tea bag?
Irish Fellow: Never squeeze the tea bag.
Australian Fellow: What about the milk? You put the milk in last?
Irish Fellow: Put the milk in last. Give it five or ten minutes to let the tea bag diffuse then dump in the milk.
Australian Fellow: That is if you are using a tea bag but if you make a pot of tea a lot of people say you should put the milk in first and then put the tea in second because if you put the milk in second, it leaches the flavor out of the tea. Have you ever heard that?
Irish Fellow: I have heard that putting the milk in first is better because … otherwise the tea gets burned.. from the boiling water.
Australian Fellow: Mm.
Irish Fellow: I am not too sure on that.
Australian Fellow: There is nothing like a good cup of tea.
Irish Fellow: No, there is not.

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