A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 11 – Are you the bellboy?

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Mark: Are you the bellboy?
The Bellboy: That is right. I am the bellboy.
Mark: Right. Ok. My name is Mark. How are you?
Bellboy: Hi. I am Brad. I am Brad the Bellboy.
Mark: Nice to meet you.
Bellboy: Nice to meet you.
Mark: So…
Bellboy: Are you having a good time there?
Mark: Yeah. I don’t have any bags but can you show me where my room is?
Bellboy: Sure. Just follow me.
Mark: Ok.
Bellboy: It is up here.
Mark: Off we go then. Ok.
Bellboy: Be careful because it is a little bit steep there.
Mark: Ok. Where are you from Brad?
Bellboy: I am from Belfast.
Mark: You are from Belfast.
Bellboy: I have been here for about two years.
Mark: Oh yeah. Why did you come here?
Bellboy: I came because I like the sunshine you know and the palm trees and all the free kind of fruit everywhere.
Mark: Right.
Bellboy: There are fruit trees everywhere if you look out the window.
Mark: Right ok.
Bellboy: It is really great.
Mark: This is my room here, is it?
Bellboy: That’s right.
Mark: Ok, mate. Thanks very much.
Bellboy: (Is there) anything else you need?
Mark: No.
Bellboy: Ok. Have a nice time. Bye.
Mark: Ok. See ya.

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  1. Thanks for another informative site. Where else may I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect manner?
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    and I have been at the glance out for such info.

  2. kalpana says:

    Excellent site!!! It has lots and lots of information for English learners like me. I am just loving the site! Its really helpful! THANKS A TON!!!

  3. Mark White says:

    Thanks Yaya
    I will get there again one day.

  4. yaya says:

    Oh, I see. That was my nickname. My real name is NOORULFAKHRIAH BINTI OTHMAN. Most people don’t know how to pronounce my name correctly. So, I decided to use nickname instead of real name just to make it easier for people to remember my name.

    Oh really? That sounds cool. But pity me. I’m just too late to know about it. Cz it already happened. JB wasn’t far at all. As I stayed at KL(Kuala Lumpur). I’m quite happy that I found a good resources for me to speak better in english. Thanks a lot to both of you. ^_^

    That’s quite a long journey. From Singapore, then Malaysia and up to Thailand. Have you taste the “durian”? It’s known as the “King of the Fruit”. It had a strong smell but when it comes to your mouth it taste good actually. Durian’s are very cheap at penang compared to other state in malaysia. But that isn’t all the time, it selling cheaper. Just on the fruits season only. You better try it dude. 😉

    According to my father penang are also known with their “Nasi Kandar” and etc. I’ve never been there. But my father does. That’s all that I know. I warmly welcome you to come to my country.


  5. Mark White says:

    I thought “Yaya” was an Arabic name. A lot of Arabic-speaking people use this site.

    I was in Malaysia last year. I gave a seminar on interactive stories at the University of Technology in JB.

    About twenty years ago I took a bus from Singapore through Malaysia all the way up to Thailand. I don’t remember much.

    I would like to check out Penang. I have heard the architecture there is really beautiful and the history of the place is fascinating. I think Aaron has been there.

    I want to go to Penang!

  6. yaya says:

    No, there isn’t. I don’t have any friends or relative at Aussie. I often heard that. I’m used to said the word “buddy and babe” for both sex. Oh ok. Then now i’m understand about it. Thanks for explained it to me. Um about this sentences “What new terms are gaining currency in Arabic?”. I don’t understand at all. No, I’m not. I’m pure Malaysian. hahaha. And I’m malay :). I’m just curious, what made you think that i’m arabic actually?

  7. Mark White says:

    How do you use the word “mate”?

    ……It means “friend” or “comrade”. It is used on a ship (shipmate). It is commonly used in Australia and New Zealand and England.

    In the last few decades the range of meaning has extended. It used to refer to men only but now it refers to women as well.

    An interesting tangent…in Australia it has gone from being a male only term to being a unisex term. However the American term “buddy” is rapidly gaining currency in Australia. It is replacing “mate”. It however seems to refer to men only.

    Is anybody in Australia? Have you ever heard a woman refer to her comrades (mates) as “buddy”?

    Language is always changing. It is very interesting.

    What new terms are gaining currency in Arabic? You are a native Arabic speaker, aren’t you?

    I would love to learn your language.

    cheers Mark

  8. yaya says:

    how to use the word “mate”? Is it for female, male or refer to anybody?

  9. hussein kackawi says:

    all these program are fantastic

  10. maryam says:

    This site is very usefull for me.pls help me for learning vocabulary

    • Faisal Dumas says:

      This english conversation was very good. The dialogue very clear to me. much help in learn of english.


  11. Jonathan says:

    This site is very very interesting!! thanks a lot !!
    It’s very helpfull for us.

    thanks a lot !!

  12. Jéssyca says:

    This site is very interesting, I liked it very much.
    I recommend to everybody that wants to learn English.


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