A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 11 – Are you the bellboy?

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Mark: Are you the bellboy?
The Bellboy: That is right. I am the bellboy.
Mark: Right. Ok. My name is Mark. How are you?
Bellboy: Hi. I am Brad. I am Brad the Bellboy.
Mark: Nice to meet you.
Bellboy: Nice to meet you.
Mark: So…
Bellboy: Are you having a good time there?
Mark: Yeah. I don’t have any bags but can you show me where my room is?
Bellboy: Sure. Just follow me.
Mark: Ok.
Bellboy: It is up here.
Mark: Off we go then. Ok.
Bellboy: Be careful because it is a little bit steep there.
Mark: Ok. Where are you from Brad?
Bellboy: I am from Belfast.
Mark: You are from Belfast.
Bellboy: I have been here for about two years.
Mark: Oh yeah. Why did you come here?
Bellboy: I came because I like the sunshine you know and the palm trees and all the free kind of fruit everywhere.
Mark: Right.
Bellboy: There are fruit trees everywhere if you look out the window.
Mark: Right ok.
Bellboy: It is really great.
Mark: This is my room here, is it?
Bellboy: That’s right.
Mark: Ok, mate. Thanks very much.
Bellboy: (Is there) anything else you need?
Mark: No.
Bellboy: Ok. Have a nice time. Bye.
Mark: Ok. See ya.

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