Football is the Global Language

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at wonker

Yorkshireman: What it is… It is just like it is something that everyone can relate to. It is like someone; you know like when you meet someone?
Australian Bloke: Yeah.
Yorkshireman: When you meet someone and you don’t really like know them too well and you want to…
Australian Bloke: Break the ice.
Yorkshireman: Yeah. Break the ice. Sort of thing. You know?
“Ah what football team do you support?”,”I support…”, “What do you support them for?” And you throw a bit of banter about. (laughs)You know what I mean?
Australian Bloke: You and that guy from Birmingham were like that! (holds up two fingers)(non-verbal signal) You know. Like. Straight away. You know?
Yorkshireman: The thing is, as well, I support Leeds United. He supports Man. United and they hate each other.
Australian Bloke: Which teams?
Yorkshireman: I support Leeds United.
Australian Bloke: Leeds United.
Yorkshireman: Which is like northeast and he supports Man United which is northwest… And the northeast and northwest … When we were younger… ah like no before I was even born… Like back in the day … They had a war called The War of the Roses.
Australian Bloke: Yeah. I have read about that.
Yorkshireman: Over whether the rose should be white or red. Sort of thing and it still relates back to that and they, like, hate each other. They hate each other more than anyone can hate anyone. But you can have a laugh about it outside of it. You know what I mean? You can have a laugh and joke about it. It doesn’t rule your life, as such. But it is a big part of your life. When it came to a game against Leeds, Man United; I would rather spit on them than talk to them and vice versa you know what I mean?
Australian Bloke: It is all a …it’s all a game.
Yorkshireman: But its… That is just how it is. We call FOOTBALL “the global language” because you don’t need to be able to speak the same language to be able to have a game of football with someone.