A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 12 – Is it normal to tip?

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Mark: Ok. So here am I at my room in Mosquito City at the Grand Hotel. It is a lovely big room. I didn’t give Brad a tip. I hope I didn’t do the wrong thing. I wonder if people usually tip in Mosquito City and I wonder how much they tip. I know! I will call Rodney on the room phone and I will ask him…Here we are…Hello..hello..hello…
Receptionist: Hello, Sir. Hello. How are you doing?
Mark: It is me. Mark. How are you Rodney?
Receptionist: Hello, Mark. How are you?
Mark: Good good. I just wanted to ask. I had an embarrassing moment there. When Brad the bellboy came up with me…Is it normal to tip in Mosquito City?
Receptionist: Sir, you never tip in Mosquito City. It is the worst possible thing you can do. So you did the right thing. Just have a good time Sir.
Mark: Really, really. Right so you don’t tip here. That is good.
Receptionist: No. Never ever tip. Never make the mistake of tipping because it is an offence to the Mosquito culture.
Mark: It is considered rude?
Receptionist: It is very condescending, Sir.
Mark: That is interesting.
Receptionist: So you did the right thing.
Mark: Thank you very much.
Receptionist: You are welcome.
Mark: Bye.
Receptionist: Bye.