A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 13 – I am looking for a place to eat

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Mark: Well. I am hungry. I am going to go outside and get something to eat.
One of the Locals: Hello. How long have you been here?
Mark: Hello. Hello.
The Local Guy: Hi there. Are you having a good time?
Mark: Hi. Who are you?
The Local Guy: My name is Alec.
Mark: Alec. Mark. How are you?
The Local Guy: Nice to meet you.
Mark: Nice to meet you too.
The Local Guy: Are you having a great time?
Mark: I am having a great time.
The Local Guy: It is a nice day, isn’t it?
Mark: You are one of the locals here, are you?
Alec: That is right. I am one of the locals.
Mark: Ok. Ok. Maybe you can help me.
The Local Guy: I will try.
Mark: I am hungry. I am looking for a place to go…like a restaurant.
Alec: Well, if you just turn around, behind you is a restaurant.
Mark: Right Ok. Right.
The Local Guy: What do you want to eat though?
Mark: What is nice to eat around here?
The Mosquito City-ite: Traditional Mosquito cuisine. It is the best you can imagine. You want to try it. Check it out.
Mark: Ok. What kind of food?
The Local: Anything. You know. It is all delicious. Are you a vegetarian?
Mark: No, I eat anything.
The Local: You like to eat a bit of meat.
Mark: I eat anything. I like vegetarian.
The Local: For the vegetarian or meat-eater. They cater for everyone.
Mark: This place here?
The Local: That is the place.
Mark: I am going to go in. Thanks a lot.
Alec: Thanks a lot. Bye.

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  3. chanel says:


  4. nestor says:

    Useful words/phrases:

    vegetarian: someone who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products.

    meat eater: opposite of vegetarian.

    cater for: supply food and service for

  5. nestor says:

    At the 20 second point of this record, there seems be a slip of the tongue. “Local” sounds like “licoal”. 🙂

  6. nestor says:

    I suggest this site should be added “Mosquito City” tag. So this site could be found by clicking “Mosquito City”.

    Currently, part-12 and part-13 are lost in “Mosquito City” tag’s website.

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