An English Village in Spain

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Luis: So It is like you see it and it is like on a stage. Something is not working here. I mean an English village should be cloudy, should be foggy, should be… not this starkly blue sky.
Mark: This is Gibraltar?
Luis: This is Gibraltar.
Mark: What is the situation there?
Luis: It is a British colony in south Spain.. It is a British colony in Europe. It is a colony of a European country in another European country.
Mark: And the people in Gibraltar; they don’t want to be Spanish and they don’t want to be British? They want to be independent?
Luis: They want to be independent.
Mark: Right. And they speak English?
Luis: They speak English with a very strong Andalucian accent. A very strong south Spanish accent and the slang they use is Spanish.
Mark: How many people?
Luis: A few thousand.
Mark: A few thousand. Wow! What an interesting place.
Luis: A weird place. Kind of surrealistic actually.
Mark: Right. An English village with the wrong-coloured sky.
Luis: (laughs) To me this is the most surrealistic part of the place because one doesn’t match the other. It is not working. You are missing the clouds, the fog, the…

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13 Responses to “An English Village in Spain”

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  1. Silvia says:

    Hey Marta,

    I think we all confirm now that Gibraltar is not an island!

    Cheers Silvia

  2. Mark White says:

    Hey Marta

    Thanks. I just checked on Wikipedia. It is at the tip of the peninsula! I wonder if Luis knows it is not a geographical island. Maybe when he used the world “island”, he was using it metaphorically? Maybe he meant Gibraltar is an island of British culture on the edge of Spain just like “the Costa del Watneys”.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Mark White says:

      Hey Marta

      Uh oh! It was not Luis who made the mistake! It was me! I thought Gibraltar was an island8in the comprehension questions). Thanks for setting me straight.

      cheers Mark

  3. Marta says:

    Gibraltar an island??¡hahaha!you should check that big mistake… And, by the way, Gibraltar must be Spanish! 😉

  4. Valere BERAMBAYE says:

    The conversation between Luis and Mark seems a little clear for me. I can understand distinctly many words and even the thread of their idea because they are talking more slowly. It’s least difficult than the English accent.I have the impress that the British eat some words in talking, aren’t they? Is it another secret to understand different accents?

  5. Mark White says:

    I just checked the file and it seems ok to me. Fool about on your computer. Maybe you need to play it then save it? What options do you have in the drop down menus under “file” and “edit”?

  6. a.h.s says:

    i dont know why but i cant download mp3 files of this title can you help me?
    and also you are really fantastic really really really thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. You know nothing! says:

    It’s not an ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!

    ESTRECHO DE GIBRALTAR: narrow rocky PENINSULA at the southern tip of Spain

  8. Mark White says:

    Here are some answers.

    1. According to Luis, yes, it should.
    2. Yes, it is.
    3. Luis says it is in Spain. It is an island off the coast of mainland Spain like Majorca.
    4. Yes, they do.
    5. They use Andalusian (Spanish) slang.
    6. There are a few thousand.
    7. Yes, they do.

  9. Mark White says:

    Here are some questions in present simple tense.

    1. Should an English village be cloudy?
    2. Is Gibralar a British colony?
    3. Is it in Spain?
    4. Do the people in Gibraltar speak English?
    5. What kind of slang do they use?
    6. How many people are there on the island?
    7. Do they want to be independent?

    • Isty Baroroh says:

      1. According to the information given of story above, English village should be cloudy &foggy.
      2.Yes, It is
      3.Yes, It is in south Spain
      4.Yes,they do. But they speak English with strong Andalusian accent.
      5.They use spanish slang.
      6.There are a few thousand.
      7.Yes, they want to be independent.

    • Isty Baroroh says:

      Thaks for your question,althoug may be it didn’t need my answer,but I just have tried to learn it.

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