A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 14 – Could I see the menu, please?

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Mark: Gee! The people are friendly here in Mosquito City. This is a really nice place. Well. I am hungry. Here we are. I am in the restaurant now. Excuse me. Could I see the menu please?
The Waiter: Certainly Sir. Here you are.
Mark: Thank you very much.
The Waiter: Take your time.
Mark: Thank you. Ok. They have got a lot of different food here. This looks good.
The Waiter: Can I recommend today’s special, Sir?
Mark: Yes, please. What is it?
The Waiter: Well it is vegetarian. Quiche Lorraine.
Mark: Quiche Lorraine?
The Waiter: Vegetarian style.
Mark: Ok. I will have that.
The Waiter: Locally grown vegetables. Organic vegetables, Sir.
Mark: (It) sounds great. (It) sounds great. And do you have any wine?
The Waiter: Certainly Sir. We have locally grown…I mean locally made wine. (embarrassed laugh)
Mark: Could I have a glass of red wine and a piece of quiche? Does that come with salad?
The Waiter: Yeah. That’ll come with salad. It all comes together.
Mark: And bread?
The Waiter: In fact you don’t have to pay because you are staying at the hotel over the road.
Mark: Oh, it is free?
The Waiter: It certainly is.
Mark: Well, I will have salad and quiche and wine.
The Waiter: Certainly, Sir.
Mark: Thank you.