I am a Japanese Korean

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Mark: Ok so. You. So. Misun. You were born in Japan. Is that right?
Misun: Mm. (Yes)
Mark: Where were you born?
Misun: I was born in Osaka.
Mark: In Osaka. In Osaka City?
Misun: Yes.
Mark: How old are you now?
Misun: I am twenty.
Mark: And your mother and father; were they born in Japan?
Misun: Yes, they were.
Mark: In Osaka?
Misun: My father was born in Osaka but my mother was born in Hyogo.
Mark: Uh-huh and excuse me.
(Interruption from third person)
Mark: (to another person) Can you talk to me later? I am doing something now.
(to Misun) ahm so your father was born in Osaka but your mother was born in Hyogo. Where were your mother’s parents born?
Misun: My mother’s father was born in Korea and my grandfather was born in Korea.
Mark: Where in Korea?
Misun: Is it “Cheju-do“?
Mark: Ah the island.
Misun: Yeah.
Mark: Ok ok. How about your mothers parents; where were they born?
Misun: Ah no my fathers parents were born in Cheju-do. But my mother’s father was also born in Cheju-do. But my mother’s father was born in Japan.
Mark: In Hyogo?
Misun: I don’t know.
Mark: Are your grandparents alive?
Misun: (Japanese pause word) Only two grandmothers.
Mark: Right Ok. Do you have a Japanese passport?
Misun: No, I don’t. I don’t have.
Mark: Do you have a Japanese name?
Misun: Family name; I have.
Mark: Can you get a Japanese passport?
Misun: I can(t?). (can? cannot?)
Mark: So you have a Korean passport.
Misun: I have.
Mark: If you …if you change your Korean name and make (a) total(ly) Japanese name, can you get a Japanese passport? Is it possible? Do you know?
Misun: I don’t know.
Mark: Ok. Good. Thanks.

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  1. Love it. I am in search of this data. Wonderful details I most certainly will return to find out more regarding the Lentil soup Diet plan.

  2. yaya says:

    my respond to the questions

    1. She was born in Osaka.
    2. She is twenty
    3. Yup, definitely.
    4. Her father’s parent was born in cheju-do. But her mother’s father born in japan.
    5. It’s in Korea.
    6. Actually it is a volcanic island. Jeju is the largest island in Korea. In, short the view at there was totally amazing. It is the place for a serenity.
    7. Yes, she have.
    8. No, she doesn’t.

  3. Mark White says:

    1. Where was Misun born?
    2. How old is she now?
    3. Were her mother and father born in Japan?
    4. Where were her grandparents born?
    5. Where is Cheju Island?
    6. What can you find out about Cheju Island on the internet?
    7. Does Misun have a Korean passport?
    8. Does she have a Japanese passport?


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