A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 17 – What are you doing?

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Mark: Ok, so I have got my newspaper. I am going to sit down and read the newspaper. I have to find a park. There is a lot of traffic here. There are lots of cars. There is a park over there in front of the city office. I will go and sit there and read my newspaper….OK….Very interesting. Very interesting…Hello!
A Woman in the Park: Hello.
Mark: How are you?
The Woman in the Park: Oh very well thank you.
Mark: Lovely weather.
The Woman in the Park: Oh it is beautiful… What are you doing?
Mark: Just reading the paper. Just relaxing. I am new in town.
The Woman in the Park: Oh wonderful!
Mark: You live here?
The Woman in the Park: Yes, I live just round the corner.
Mark: I have just come from Japan.
The Woman in the Park: Oh Japan!
Mark: I have just moved here.
The Woman in the Park: Very interesting.
Mark: Have you been to Japan?
The Woman in the Park in Front of the City Office: Never. I know very little about it.
Mark: It is a very interesting place.
The Woman in the Park: Sumo wrestling.
Mark: Sumo wrestling. Sushi.
The Woman: Oh yes. Sushi.
Mark: Have you ever eaten sushi?
The Woman in the Park: Well, actually there is a sushi bar here.
Mark: Oh really. Have you tried it?
The Woman in the Park: Yeah I try it regularly.
Mark: Right.
The Woman in the Park: It is not a “Kaiten Sushi“, though. It is just an ordinary very small sushi bar.
Mark: I don’t eat a lot of sushi actually. I like vegetables.
The Woman in the Park: Oh vegetables. We have plenty of those. You might have found out about that.
Mark: Yeah yeah. I have seen there is a lot of fresh fruit too. It is good. It is lovely. This is a lovely place. What do you do?
The Woman: Well, I am a farmer.
Mark: Oh.
The Woman: A farmer’s wife, excuse me.
Mark: Right. OK. And you are at the City office today…You have come in to do some business?
The Woman: Well, Mosquito City isn’t that big.
Mark: Right.
The Woman: So I like to stroll around, you know, interesting atmosphere.
Mark: Right. OK.
The Woman: I know a lot of people here.
Mark: Right OK. That is a lovely duck you have there too. Is that your duck?
The Woman: Yes, that is my duck.
Mark: Right OK.
The Duck: Quack quack.
Mark: Right. OK. Oh well. I think I will go for a stroll.
The Woman: OK. Have a nice day.
Mark: Nice talking to you. Bye.
The Farmer’s Wife: Bye Bye.