People and Places – Burke 2 – And then they went to Europe

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Mark: So you came to Toronto when you were about two and a half?
Burke: M-hm. Yep.
Mark: And your parents, were they Canadian or?
Burke: Yeah they were both Canadians. They were simply … They were trained as teachers and so they joined the government program called CSIS.
Mark: How do you spell that?
Burke: C-S-I-S.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Burke: And it was in order to help developing countries train professionals, in this case, training them how to teach.
Mark: So they worked in Ghana as teachers?
Burke: Yeah. Teaching teachers how to teach, so methodology…
Mark: Ah teacher trainers. Right. Ok.
Burke: Yep.
Mark: And then they went to Europe.
Burke: Yep.
Mark: They were doing the same thing in Europe?
Burke: Ahm Europe.. they were just seeing the country with… My sister would have been like five or six and I would have been, as I said, about two at that time so they traveled with two children just to show us I guess..
Mark: Right.
Burke: …a taste of Europe and…
Mark: That must have been wonderful. Do you remember very much?
Burke: Actually the only memory I have of Europe is a green beer bottle and a window sill in Amsterdam.
Mark: Wow!
Burke: And the beer was called Oranjeboom. I remember just looking down on this intersection and there was this kind of cobblestone kind of look and I just have that imprint and a sort of a feeling with it but I do not really have any other extended memories from that time.

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  3. Mahnaz Rezvankhah says:

    Hi there,
    I work as a teacher, of course as an English teacher. I enjoyed Lesson three and learned a lot, especially section A was really helpful for me as an English teacher.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Burmaa says:

    Beautiful pictures of most beuitufal land on our G-d’s earth .how I miss being home !! Praying for G-d to send me home again soon thanks for the great post all of it is SO TRUE!!! Blessings be upon you!!

  5. agt. says:

    Thank you for the lesson, although I could not understand the whole story, I need more
    practise in listening.

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    Best you could make changes to the post name People and Places – Burke 2 – And then they went to Europe | English Conversations to something more catching for your subject you write. I enjoyed the the writing yet.

  7. Dear Teachers

    For me the audio is very very difficult, I need to listen it many many times, mainly Burke´s talking, but I realize that it´s the real situation I am going to find in Sydney when I will be there.
    But… go ahead, there isn´t no solution, the only way is to follow your criteria and to believe in God´s power.

    For a while I only listening the video, after I will put here some coments about the lesson.

    Thank you very much for everything.

  8. sangboih says:

    How many minutes we have to listen in one day.Please advice thankyou.

  9. Dea says:

    this website is the best ever!

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    Thank for your lesson it help me , but I can’t understand all the story without the transcripts .

  11. neziha ashraf says:

    hi,am really happy to tell u that am learning to write ,speak and listen with the help of this site.and thanku so much.
    and now my opinion for the question wat is devolopment? is it good.

    yes ofcourse it is good that it brings a lot of changes to human beings and to the whole world. with the development of different sectors like transportation,telecommunication,agriculture,medicine etc have made life very we can travel a long distance in less time,we can communicate with friends and collegeus through internet.greeen revelution in the field of agriculture has helped a large population from starving.the contribution of science is enormous. we r advancing day by day with the help of technology.but a contry is said to be when all its people lead better life.if a country has developed the people inthat country is still starviving then it has not developed or that development is not complete.

    my 1st teaching experience
    when i was doing my graduation my mom forced me to do smthg to become selfsufficient.i personally don’t like teaching as it was not my field of interest.but i strated taking tuition for school children and it was a good teaching and learning experience. as i was doing my final year and i had project works, seminars so i stopped midway and foccused on my studies.

    movies…..apart from reading i love watching movies of all kind.for me it is not just an entertainment.there are alot of movies that end with a moral and some otherthat makes us think.i watch indian movies and of other languages.

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    Thank you!It’s useful.

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    hi thankes for these lessos .i thinke these lessons help me improve my english thanke you for every thing

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    hi, thanks for these lessons

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    This dialog helped me a lot
    Please put some parts of movies with their texts
    and explain us (grammer,adverbs,adjectives,proverbs,idioms…)
    anyway I appriciate your effort

  16. sadavee says:

    Now, lets talk about my experance.
    I never work as a teacher before, I used to work as a part time job when I was studied in year 3 to early in year 5 at the National University of Lao. I worked as an accountant and reception at the Oasis Spa shop and Nirvana Spa shop and during I was in tear 3 I used to work with Vientiane Orchids Company, I worked as a translator at that time because people in Hatkhai village can’t speak english so I have to explanded to them how to treat the orchids in the forest. Like, told them to protect the orchids in that area. In the past, lots of people in the village went to the forest and took out many of orchids species to sold in very cheap price to a tourism, some of the toulist they bought it back to thier country and they found it the orchid that they bought from Lao it was a new species then they are recorded it in the list of the orchids in their country. So, that’s the problem of the orchids in Lao, we’ll lose the species that we have to other country. That’s the reason of this company tried to solve the problem by taking that area to be a travle place like if they have a tourist from France or from other country want to visit that place they can take them to tour around the forest, to see the orchids, natural life, waterfall 7 step and to get the fresh air. On the other hand, if they found some species that’s very rare or endanger they would take it to the laboratory in Department of Biology at the National University of Lao to make tissue cultures and then they’ll growth it at the green house, after they’re get healthy or ready to go back to their place we’ll take it back to that place more than usual.

    I used to have more experances to tell you but it’s not today because I’ve to do my work. I’ll tell you more about that later ok 😉

  17. sadavee says:

    I have some questions to ask you. Can you expland to me please, what does it mean between “less developed countries, underdeveloped countries and highly developed countries”?
    What does it mean between “a glimpse of Asia and an Asian interlude”?
    well, I’m looking forwards to hearing from you.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Sadavee…when we speak of ‘developed’ and ‘underdeveloped’ countries, we are talking about ‘economic development’ from a Western perspective. Of course, there could many types of development, such as ‘social development’ or ‘spiritual development’. Perhaps it is the case that many of the economically developed countries are less spiritually developed.

      I don’t know. I don’t like to speak in terms of “development” unless it is necessary or convenient to do so. The term ‘development’ implies a state of being or destination. Who decides that?

      A ‘glimpse’ means a ‘quick look at’ or ‘a quick experience of’. An interlude is a short time period between two other significant time periods.

      Hope this answers your questions.

  18. sadavee says:


    Thanks for your native conversation. This conversation was quite hard to undersatand and fast but I tried to listen to it many times, finally I got the meanning of the conversation 😉

  19. Sunny says:

    This part very difficult for me. (T_T)

  20. Valere BERAMBAYE says:

    First, I thank you very much for your choice of the subject and for all the detail of grammar’s lessons. I am beginning to understand the real conversation with the real speakers but I always have some difficulties to understand all the words without the transcript. I find that they talk very quickly but in bref I can understand about what the speakers are talking,the meaning of the conversation. However, I am not driving to desespair because I am sure I have good teachers and with the remain of time, we will see…

    Now, let’s move to the next part. The parts about the questions descended from the grammar explanations with examples:

    -On the one hand the development is the good technologic way to transform the raw materials in order to be used in industry. If we compare the way of transport of our ancestors and the way we use today , I think that it’s because of the industial development. Before, life expectancy was 30 years old for a man and about 50 for a woman but today we can to hope for about 100 years old thanks to development. We can travel from Paris to New York for about two hours. Things we couldn’t do in our ancestors times. On the other hand I think that the development is not always very good. Owing to the development many diseases appears everywhere, we have today the environment whether and problem. So, in my opinion, development is not always good although it’s a necessity in our modern society.


    As far as the teaching is concerned, yes. I continue to teach the small children who have some school difficulties. Not because I like it but I am forced to do it in order to pay my rent, to move, to eat and perhaps, one day, to find a job in a full time like an office worker. I have to teach french, history and geography for two years in my native country(Chad) before to come by competitive examination in France since 1983. I like teaching but here it’s not easy. Even at that moment, I do it in a part time and I am not sure they will renew my contract for the next year. Reason of which I try to improve my English in order to find a good job one day. I have to apply too with Green card for going to the United States but I lost it and now I haven’t money to repeat my application. However, I have two diploma certificates in journalism here but nowadays, it’s not what diploma you have but who you know which is important. But I have high hopes for the future with my English training.

    About movies, I think that movies are special because it relate the real story with the special effect. I read the book about the World War but I don’t understand the all importance of the war, his inhuman side. So with the movies I can realize it although with the special effect they exagerate a bit I can easily have my opinion on it. I like the western movies, the fiction, the thriller and indian movies because of their dance and the beautiful mild women. Movies are one of my favourite hobbies after reading, theater and karate.


    And for finishing the sets of my tutorial, the only thing I can remember it’s when I went to my native village in holiday with one of my little sister in my youthfulness. Once happened my sister fell ill. In my village there were only one nurse, this nurse was also a farmer.So he left to his field. I didn’t know what to do.But our father was a nurse too and before to leave, he gave me a lot of phials, bottle of drugs and tablets without forgetting the syringe and cotton. I knew how my father did when somebody come to see him in order to be treated. Suddenly I remembered all the gesture of my father: I watched the saucepan put in the syringe with the needles and let them boiling at 100°c. Then I cleaned my sister’s buttock in the right side and gave her an injection. You couldn’t imagine my fear this day there.
    My sister didn’t react immediatly. I had done everything. I was afraid it might be late. I covered her with our grandmother’s blanket and waited. An half an hour later, she called me, asking: “Valere I wanted to drink some water”. Without knowing I was coming to save my little sister. It was the first and the last risk I had to take.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Valerie….thanks for your very detailed and interesting comments. I especially liked your story about giving your sister an injection while you were on holiday! That must have been very nerve-wracking. I have never given anyone an injection.

  21. eli says:

    thank you very much is very usefull.

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    Thank you very much for the interesting lesson. I love it when you explain some new American expressions.
    Happy Lunar New Year and Valentine’s day

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    I am unable to wash the video. Please give a real direction as to how to wash the video. I have try all my possible means, but they prove abortive.
    Thanks a lot

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    thanks to these nice lesson especially for grammar explanation.But it was better if transcription included in PDF format.

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    Hello, that´s osoom, bitchen, great, comvertation so clear. It made me like If I was in Toronto and Amsterdam. I don´t know those places but the tape makes me feel that I was there in my imagination. Thank you for your help to improve my inglish. I hope you keep sending more recorders.

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    Hi thank you for these lesson, but I have problem when I lisent to audio becouse I cant underestant everything without reading and my pronunciations it isnt good to.

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    I am still having problems in listening without transcripts. and can some one explain me between will and shall

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    Thank you for lessons. Of course to read is easier than to understand the talks. But any way it is a good possibility to learn English.

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    It’s rather tough to listen to the recording clearly.I have difficulty understand the second voice.Anyway, I think it’s worth giving a try.Keep listening again and again…then I gradually figured out some words that I suppose they’re new ones but they aren’t.So amazing, huh?

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    When I listened the first time, I understanded a 2 phrases.
    But then I can understand all dialog!!!!
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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH…i found myself more capeable to listen in that conversations quickly as i had repeat my listening with the last two lessons and without seeing any word in the dialogue..this is good as i see myself…but really i hope to speak english like this canadian man as i really feels that amnot well in conversations and i cant epress smoothly what am feeling .

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      Hi Mina,
      You can take a dictionary for the words that you can’t understand.
      You can use an online dictionary, for example “google translate” or ” word reference”.

      I hope I have helped you.


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