A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 20 – I have got an interview

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Mark: Ok. Well. Here I am. I am standing outside the Mosquito City Trade Towers and I have got an interview with Peter Bestluck, the richest man in Mosquito City, in about five minutes. I had better go in… Hello
Receptionist: Hello.
Mark: I am looking for Mr Bestluck’s Office.
Receptionist: Oh. Mr Bestluck?
Mark: Yes. What floor is his office on?
Receptionist: It is the eighteenth floor.
Mark: On the eighteenth floor. Ok. Where is the elevator?
Receptionist: It is just to your left.
Mark: Thanks very much.
Receptionist: Thank you very much. Have a great time.
: Thanks a lot. Bye.
Receptionist: Bye.

Abilities and Possibilities

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12 Responses to “A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 20 – I have got an interview”

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  1. Paulette says:

    forget about it!
    I have found what the mistake was!
    Thanks man! ^.^

  2. Paulette says:

    Hello there, Mark!!
    I study English as a BA in Mexico and I’ve found your stories and dialogues pretty interesting and useful!
    I just want to thank you for your work!
    By the way, I’ve got a doubt: why i can’t download the audio files? It says something like: you can’t place the file in this folder… and believe me, I have tried with lots of my folders and I just can’t dowload it!
    Thanks agains!

  3. ojieea says:

    its fun!!..i enjoy learning English from here..thanks.

  4. MARTHA ISABEL says:


  5. Mark White says:

    Hey Shakur

    In Australia “no worries” is a really common phrase. It can mean “don’t worry” as you say, but also “you are welcome”.

    It corresponds with the Japanese expression “domo”. What is your first language? Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu?

    Thanks for the feedback, brother
    cheers Mark

  6. shakur says:

    this is very interesting,,, iam going to learn it
    shall i say to you guys some thing
    instead of imrove say improve
    no worries … don’t worry

  7. vinod rawat says:

    I want to learn more about english basic language. Please give a tips to improve my english language. I want to speak, read & write english.

  8. sanad says:

    I want to imrove my english language

  9. sanad says:

    I want to imrove my english language

  10. bero says:

    thanks , for me that is the best conversation in the site so far because it is littel slow i could folw it

  11. Jurek says:

    Detta är 1-delen

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