A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 20 – I have got an interview

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Mark: Ok. Well. Here I am. I am standing outside the Mosquito City Trade Towers and I have got an interview with Peter Bestluck, the richest man in Mosquito City, in about five minutes. I had better go in… Hello
Receptionist: Hello.
Mark: I am looking for Mr Bestluck’s Office.
Receptionist: Oh. Mr Bestluck?
Mark: Yes. What floor is his office on?
Receptionist: It is the eighteenth floor.
Mark: On the eighteenth floor. Ok. Where is the elevator?
Receptionist: It is just to your left.
Mark: Thanks very much.
Receptionist: Thank you very much. Have a great time.
: Thanks a lot. Bye.
Receptionist: Bye.

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