Bilingual – English and Swedish – 2

Download audio file (swedish2.mp3)

Use this post to learn English and Swedish at the same time.

I am Swedish.
I am not American.
I am Swedish.

I come from Sweden.

I live in Stockholm.

I work in Denmark.

My wife is Danish.

I work for a telephone company.

I am part of the solution.

I am part of the solution.

I am not part of the problem.

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  1. it’s very useful.I listened to recordings.I want learn English well but,unfortunatelly,I think its not easy to learn English so that wrate,understend and read without any dictionaries.niw I’m trying to do more English exercise,reading English topics.finally, I’ll have to take exsam in july 8. I’ve been very afried when my friend said that we would write some thema at the exam.I think I’m not be able to write this.
    in a school I studied Russian and I did’t heared any English word.after graduate school I started to study at university,here I had to learn |English language to practise complitely new language, it was so hard. I have been learned English for two year here.after that I pass on anyother university and there also.thay said that I had to chose between Russian and English.I chosed English but thay send me intermadiate English,when my English was so-so,only elementary.but I could take intermediate exams

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