Miyako’s Education – Part 40

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Miyako: John, I’ve decided I’m going to take a year off. I’m going to defer. I have spoken to the head of the department and I have got permission to stop studying at the end of this semester.
John: Where are you going to go? What are you going to do?
: I’m going to go to Australia. First I’m going to study English at a language school then I’m going to travel around Australia.
John: What a great idea! But I’ll miss you. Maybe we can meet in Australia though. How long are you going to be there?
Miyako: I’m going to be there for a whole year.
John: How long are you going to be at the language school?
Miyako: I’m only going to be there for a month. I’m going to do a one month course then I’m going to go traveling.
John: Are you going to travel for a whole eleven months?
Miyako: I don’t know. I might travel for a bit then stop and work for a bit then travel a bit more then stop and work a bit more.
John: Are you going to have enough money?
Miyako: Money is a problem but I’m going to be able to work. I’m going to be able to get a working holiday visa and I’m going to be able to work legally.
John: Wonderful! Excellent! Great! What a great adventure!

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8 Responses to “Miyako’s Education – Part 40”

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Thank you mark for your teaching
    i am sure that i achiev my goal of learning english

  2. sebas says:

    The lessons are great but I think that is better if the characters were only native speakers,so you can hear correct pronunciation and intonation.

  3. Mark White says:

    What do you need?

  4. Mark White says:

    She is able to communicate ok but she is not a native speaker. It is a long journey from the place where you began to the place where you are going.

    She speaks slowly and she is nervous but her pronunciation of individual words is great. She just needs to relax a little more. A lot of people are like that.

  5. carlos says:

    MIyako’s english sucks

  6. Mark White says:

    Sure Dama
    You can use whatever you want.
    Just tell people where you got it.
    Let’s work together.
    We can help everybody to understand each other.

  7. dama says:

    Hi mark… thank to you for your website. it is very helpful for me, cos I’m an English education student. one day, I will be an English teacher, and I’m sure your web will be very helpful for me to provide an authentic language for my students. May I take my English material from yours? Would you please inform me more about English? thank you very much.

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