Have you read Swedenborg?

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An American Guy: One of the critical events (in his life) was when he was looking up in the sky and the sky split like a scrim .. you know… like a … there was a scrim of reality and then the whole thing split apart…
An Australian Guy: I don’t know that word. “Scrim.” What is a “scrim“?
The American Guy: A “scrim” is what you find when you got a stage. You got the actors on a stage and you got a band behind it or something. And they are playing the music. There is a scrim there that keeps you from seeing the band.
The Australian: A sort of a screen. Ah right ok.
The American: Yeah. I guess it is related to the word “screen” but it is associated with theatrical life and things like that. He saw… and this was his words
The Australian: Ok.
The American: The heavens parted like a scrim and behind it he saw the grand being..
The Australian: Wow.
The American: You know and this is like have you ever read Swedenborg?
The Australian: No.
The American: Swedenbourg’s “Grand Man”.
Australian: I have read about him a lot but..
The American: Swedenbourg is fantastic but what he called the grand man was the …you know..the paragon of all man what you might call “christ” or ..what you might call…whatever religion you are talking about. What he saw …what he saw… He saw the heavens part…and he saw this as a constellation … and there was a constellation of billions of stars and what it formulated was a man with his face upturned in utter ecstasy. And this was what…the thing… that probably determined and formulated his seeking and his life from that time on.
Australian: Mmm.

(the sound of laughter)