A Career in Medical Research

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Woman: When I finished school I went to university, Melbourne University, and studied science, a bachelor of science . I then did my honours degree and after that I worked in a heart disease research institute.
Man: In Melbourne?
Woman: In Melbourne. It is called the Baker Heart Research Institute. So I worked for a year, a bit over a year on cholesterol and the metabolism of cholesterol in the body.
Man: How the body breaks it down?
Woman: How it is actually transported. So I was looking at a protein, that determines how the cholesterol in the blood is modified and delivered to cells and how it is returned back to the liver..
Man: Right.
Woman: …to be broken down into bile. So we were working on that and then I wanted to have a break so I went traveling and I traveled through western Europe and ended up in London and I worked at the Guildford Surrey County Hospital in an immunology lab and that was more diagnostic work. It was quite interesting. And after that I moved to Finland. Helsinki.
Man: Wow!
Woman: And I did my PhD there.
Man: In Helsinki? In English?
Woman: In English. Every student who is doing their PhD; they have to write their PhD in English.
Man: Right.
Woman: And the seminars are given in English.
Man: So you were in Helsinki for like five years.
Woman: Five years.
Man: Do you speak Finnish?
Woman: Not very well. I can understand a bit, but it is quite a difficult language and because English was my mother tongue they wanted to practise their English.
Man: Right.
Woman: And preferred to speak English with me. But yeah I did take lessons and try and learn it…and that was all… So the PhD was all metabolism and transport.
Man: Right.
Woman: And after that I decided to move back to Melbourne so I took the trans-Siberian train.
Man: Wow!
Woman: And went that direction into Beijing.
Man: Into China, yeah.
Woman: Yeah. Then got back to Melbourne and I started my post-doctoral research which was in a different field.  It is blood diseases like leukemia and I was researching stem cells in the bone marrow and a signaling pathway…
Man: Stem cell research; that is illegal in some places, isn’t it?
Woman: It is. This is adult stem cells. Not embryonic.
Man: Right.
Woman: So we all have stem cells in our bone marrow and they are constantly re-populating the marrow and providing us with our whole immune system.
Man: Right.
Woman: But they are normally dormant or “quiescent” as we call it. And they only go into division when they need to produce certain cells. So I was trying to figure out or understand what controls; like what signals they get to move them from quiescence to an active state
Man: Right.
Woman: So that was three years and that was in Melbourne. So I just published the work from that and decided to travel…

What is your Field?

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  1. lubor says:

    excellent vocational English for teachers who teach medical student

  2. Rustem Seven says:

    Thank you very much. It was very useful to listen to a real canversation in medical field which I’m interested in teaching of it.

  3. doucet says:

    Listening to such real conversations is really helpful. These kinds of interviews with a noisy background give a very good idea of what it sounds like to be immersed in an English speaking country.
    Thank you!

  4. Lylliana says:

    Thank you very much.

  5. Dinar says:

    Thank you for all lesson and I have already knew much about english.

  6. exequiel says:

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  7. Sinan says:

    Thank you for interest my teacher, the lesson 5 is helping me to improve my self in speaking.

    I hope to recieve more lesson.

    Best Regards

  8. duma says:

    Hi, Teachers’,

    You are all very kind for sending me the lesson 5, it is very good material and very usefull for me to my efforts learning english. I still hope you send me more materials.Thank you a lot.

  9. Tina says:

    in regard of lesson 5 i get a lot of information. i didn’t know about stem cell because i’m an arts student not science but now i know what is stem cell.thanks for sending me such a informative lesson.

  10. vaishali says:

    thank you very much. it is very helpful to speak english.

  11. katherina says:

    Hi! regarding this lesson 5 I can say that I really enjoyed a lot with the “medical research topic” because I am Veterinary and in some way I felt identified with the woman of the recording.
    I have just one question, which is the diference between break down and break up, because in the dictionary the meaning is almost the same…
    Thank you.
    And the last thing, is this the last lesson from you?


  12. Joseph Jimmy says:

    I thank you for ur 5 lesons, they help me to emprove my english. I am enjoy this very well. Please, I need some idioms esle. King.ji@hotmail.com

  13. Widayati says:

    Hai Mark&Aron

    These lesson very importan for me. I can learn listening better
    Thank you very much

  14. prom says:

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    Thanks …. finally I found this web for listening differents accents in English. I was worried because I am studying listening but needed with urgency to listen real conversations…Now I am happy and I am going to share with my classmates.

  16. yaya says:

    The dialogue were totally interesting to be read. I always do like you’d said, listened to speakers conversation first. Then later on read,listen, and repeat the words that the speakers just said.
    Million thanks to both of you (mark and aaron) for guide me on track to get the real pronounciation thus improve my knowledge about english. Once again I want thank to both of you. 😉

  17. tyas says:

    thank you very much for the fifth lesson of be aware, it’s really useful to enrich my english proficiency especially listening and speakig rom the native speaker, unfortunately for this lesson i don’t know much about medical research. but never mind. would you send me a lesson which easier to understand ? because I’m the beginner Thank U Mr Aaroon….

  18. yoga says:

    hello sir

    I like this lesson.my english is improving step by step.that is why I want to learn more .please you send more conversation.
    thanks a lot

  19. Damian says:


    Good website here!! I always had problem and still have of course with understaing native speakers espeacilly I find that Austarlain’s accent is very difficut for polish people..But Americna’s accent is more comprehensible for us i guess..What you think about it let me know about accent and how to improve spoken english etc..


  20. Em Vannara says:

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    May God bless you all you are a great king ,

    From Vannara Em ( CAMBODIA )

  21. Maria says:

    tank you it’s very nice to ear and reed at the same time but there is lot of noisy voice in a back round , is it possible to record the conversation in a quit place? i think it would be very nice and more us full.May god bless you all you are great.
    kind regards:Maria from Filand

  22. Sari Aneta says:

    i can not download the audio file completely..just 21 second duration of dialog i got from my download..i have try it twice..but i fail for completely the whole dialog

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Sari, audio files are generally quite large, so if the download is failing, that suggests your connection is probably quite slow and/or unreliable. The only thing you can do is keep trying.

  23. Santhosh says:

    Excellent, this made me to understand the native accent,how the natives speak,really a great job.

  24. era says:

    Thank you ………..

  25. Bettina says:

    Thank you very much! the lessons was very useful for me, i’ll be waiting for more! 🙂
    best regards

  26. Ramesh Assar says:

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  31. mike says:

    Thank you very much for your lesson 5.
    I study many things from your lesson: listening, grammar (you remindered grammatical points related), comprehension of the speaker way. It’s very elaborated! Thank you very much once again.

  32. mohamed says:

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    am daley to commen that’s why because my work a haven’t enough time to do this
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  33. hi Mark&Anon
    its very importent methode to learn english by lissen mini conversation not complecate that we can learn grammar.vocubilary.and haw we can use the vebes.I’m interested to your programe but I want to ask if you have a test for me to know wat level I must to be in.to lean step by step and what does it cost?
    thank you very mutch

  34. Mark White says:

    Hi Muhammed

    There will be some more grammar lessons coming.

    Do not worry about accents. There are many British accents (for example, London, manchester, Liverpool, Scottish, Northumberland etc etc.) There are also many North American accents (for example New York,Texas, Mid-west, Canadian etc etc). As well as native speakers’ accents, there are also the accents of Indians, South Africans and Zimbabweans, Pakistanis, Japanese, Chinese etc etc.

    English is the international language so it is used by people from many different places and modified by them. It is good to understand all accents. Look around the site at the real conversations and listen to the various accents. You can see the accent of the speakers in the TAGS.

    Try to learn a neutral accent which is easily understood. I change my accent depending on who I am talking to. The point is communication. We want to understand others and be understood ourselves.

    Good luck!

  35. Hats off to you for the nice effort. Your lessons are very helpful. Please inform me if there are any other lessons?
    I am a journalist, working for an English language newspaper in Pakistan. I am often confused about the American and British accents. By the way what accent would you like me to learn and practice?
    Also, please let me know if there are any grammar lessons available.

    Thanks and regards

  36. MANU'SJENNY says:

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    Thanks it is a big help for me, is clear and i to learn about different topics many things.
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