Miyako’s Education – Part 41

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John: Hi, Yumie, have you heard the news?
Yumie: The TV news?
John: No, Miyako’s news! She’s going to go to Oz. She’s going to be there for a whole year.
Yumie: Oh wow! When? Where? Why? How Long? How is she going to be able to afford it? No! Wait! I’ll call her! I’ll ask her.

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    Thanks a lot!!! for this conversation, it was really good, i´m studing to exam and it help me really so much.

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    hi there,you English lessons are great, could you please send them to me ‘ coz I ‘d like to improve my English. Thank you

  7. Stefan009 says:

    I had a great time listening at Miyako story. Congratulation, the John voice is clear and delightful. I think Miyako will go to Australia together John to know his family and of course each of the three grandparents. All the best !

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  9. I’ve just finished reading your dialogs. I really liked

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    This is very simple and easy.

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    thanks a lot.

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    Thanks a lot for good conversation .

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    Best conversation site I have seen so far. AJ emailed it to me. Thank you so much. It’s been really helpful to improve my English.

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    hi! thanks for emailing me. your lesson is fair good and it’s realy
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      I am very thankful for sending your lessons . I am very convenient listening and reading the lessons you send.

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