The Next State

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(the sound of a coffee machine)
Interviewee: I was born in the UK and when I was two we moved to the United States.
Interviewer: Which state did you move to?
Interviewee: We first moved to New York City and then we moved to Connecticut which is the next state north from New York.
Interviewer: Is the accent between New York and Connecticut very different, do you think?
Interviewee: It is pretty close but if you were from that part of the world, you could probably tell the difference.
Interviewer: Right. So you grew up in Connecticut. Did you go to school in Connecticut?
Interviewee: Yeah. I went to school…to college in Connecticut and then I went to college in New York City.
Interviewer: Right. What did you study?
Interviewee: I studied religion and philosophy.