The Next State

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(the sound of a coffee machine)
Interviewee: I was born in the UK and when I was two we moved to the United States.
Interviewer: Which state did you move to?
Interviewee: We first moved to New York City and then we moved to Connecticut which is the next state north from New York.
Interviewer: Is the accent between New York and Connecticut very different, do you think?
Interviewee: It is pretty close but if you were from that part of the world, you could probably tell the difference.
Interviewer: Right. So you grew up in Connecticut. Did you go to school in Connecticut?
Interviewee: Yeah. I went to school…to college in Connecticut and then I went to college in New York City.
Interviewer: Right. What did you study?
Interviewee: I studied religion and philosophy.

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  1. P De Mario says:

    It was very interesting to listen the conversation with a lot of noisy. I have hear it about three times to understand all the conversation. Very, very useful to máster the English language.
    Thank you my friends Aaron and Mark

  2. Meme says:

    I’m still confused. Why did you throw out his hoemowrk?And isn’t this degree in motherhood’ just adding to the commodification of women? Or am I missing something?Oh, I hope I shall have answers to these questions. I need them for my next fatherhood assignment; it’s due at 5pm!

  3. Lylliana says:

    This conversation is very interesting . Thank you very much.

  4. sharifa says:

    This website is really very helpful for me.

    thak you so much.

  5. natz says:

    find interesting, but the accent is not like the American accent

  6. Balasahaeb says:

    I like this website very much.

  7. NAM says:

    I think this is a good website…. I appreciate when I could possibly be your student. Thanks a lot

  8. Bassam says:

    I wish to have freind to make chating with these peopl or to writ later betouen us…How

  9. Mailen says:

    i’m happy with this new lesson.they’re really interesting.

  10. layla alshami says:

    im very interesting with this website thanksvery muth to my teacher i hope to be one of your student

  11. ABDULRAHMAN riyad says:

    this is very good thank you i love you

  12. charming says:

    its very interesting

  13. charming says:

    tkanks you very much

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