Actually I was Born in Hawaii

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Mark: Elder Tiave, that is not a common English name. What is your ethnic heritage?
Elder Tiave: No, I am part Filipino. I am Samoan and Hawaiian.
Mark: Wow!
Elder Tiave: So I have nothing to do with Cambodia.
Mark: But you are a Mormon.
Elder Tiave: Yes. I am a Mormon.
Mark: And your whole family is Mormon?
Elder Tiave: Yes, my whole family.
Mark: And you are on your mission? You are here for two years?
Elder Tiave: Yeah. I just recently came out to Cambodia and started my mission here in Cambodia.
Mark: Mhm.
Elder Tiave: I started learning the language, Cambodian language in Utah and then from there I came out here and just started teaching the the people here (about my church). I have been in this country for about three months and it is a challenge sometimes but I am starting to get better at the language. Yeah.
Mark: Do you speak Tagalog or Filipino or Hawaiian?
Elder Tiave: No, I really don’t know any Filipino language but my grandma does.
Mark: So you were born in the States, grew up in the states; you are pretty much American, now.
Elder Tiave: Yeah, I am actually from Hawaii.
Mark: Right but your ancestors are all mixed?
Elder Tiave: Yeah. All mixed.
Mark: It is starting to rain so lets get out of here.
Elder Tiave: All right.

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  1. hapez says:

    thx a lot, you make me much more learn englis

  2. alan says:

    We use inversion when we dont know what the answer will be or when we are asking for something, we use affirmative with the intonation of a question when we more or less know what the answer will be, it´s more like confirmation. example, I want my sister to buy some bread “will you buy some bread when you go to the supermarket?” later I see her and I trust she has bought some because it was important, I may say “so you bought some bread?” These type of questions usually start with an adverb such as “so” or a linking word such as “and”. “So” means I want to confirm if something happened (“so” can be replaced with therefore or thus). “And” means I want to know some additional information (“and” can be replaced with also).

  3. Lylliana says:

    This lesson is very important for me, because I learn more about the pronouns and expresions in English. Thank you very much.

  4. exequiel says:

    thank you mr,marksir,very nice conversation i really love simple but almost i know mr,mark sir,my weakness is to right a correct spelling.thats why every single work i read because i want to master all the world.thank you and good bless.have a good thursday.

  5. ROSALMA says:


  6. omed says:

    Happy new year with you , nown i lear english miselft .
    Thank you .

  7. Abdul Jabbar says:

    Thanks a lot for mailing me this lesson. Fantastic!

  8. alexander says:

    oke liatin aja lu

  9. alexander says:

    sialan amet lu ya

  10. alexander says:

    hey makasih ya jangan gitu lu okey

  11. samia says:

    thank you too much for these listening lessons my listening and speaking skills are really improved and i feel more confident than before iam an english teacher but i cant speak english fluently because english isnt my native language after few weeks of regular listening ifeel better

  12. ciberflash says:

    dont work

  13. I´m wonder about these small lessons. I will explain why : 1 – Very simple (not always the audio, but the idea.), 2 – native speakers, 3 – It seems real. For example here in my island I had a opportunity to know some elders and go to a mormon church, this text brought me all that good memories I had. Congratulations for the teachers.Special thanks for Mark White.

  14. ubax says:

    thanks alot it is excllent job. i learnt the meaning of two words. thanks very much

  15. Mailen says:

    I have really enjoy your lesson and they’re very interesting…..I have learnt a lot… lesson 4 there was a topic that called my attention ,the one related to age….I think the most important thng is the experience we are able to get during the years…..the age doesn’t matter…..there’s no age for doing specific things…..any age is good for everything…..thank you for your lessons.

  16. ojieea says:

    great lesson..i start to learning more about English, real conversation from native speakers is really helpful.. i am Malaysian and so many different ethnic here..thanks!! God bless..:)

    • Mark White says:

      Tell us more about the official ethnic groups in Malaysia. How many peoples are there? Who are they? How many languages are there? What are they? How many cuisines are there? How do they taste?

  17. Dulsomad Mangun Kuncoro says:

    I feel my English is not good. Your lessons is excelent and I enjoy study it. I am waiting further lesson. Thank you for your lesson

  18. layla says:

    i dont know how thanks you about this lesson is agreat lesson

  19. Sari Aneta says:

    Thank You very much, i enjoyed the is good, very good..

  20. Mahmood says:

    Thank you very much.
    Mahmood from Afghanistan

  21. ALEJANDRO says:

    To me it has been something especial to listen your lessons.They are a mean very important for the learner of english as a second language.
    I do not miss a lessona and that listen it every day .
    I thank you for that impontant effort to help many people that strugle for to learn english .
    Thanks for all.

  22. Jarek says:

    I noticed that speaker uses questions sentenses without inversion
    Is it common in real spoken english?
    Iv never been educated like that!


  23. Janka Záhradníková says:

    I think, it really doesn´t matter how old we are. Everyone is special person and the most important thing is to feel young, be healthy and keep fit. In my opinion everyone can always be young, it´s only up to us.

    • Zohaib says:

      Hey, Its True which you said in your comment and i agree with you. If we feel that we are near to old that is very bad for us. We should always feel to young it gives us that we can do more in our life.


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