A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 22

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Mark: Hello, Mr Bestluck?
Peter: Hi there. Come on in. Welcome.
Mark: My name is Mark White.
Peter: Hi Mark. How are you doing?
Mark: Good.
Peter: Take a seat on the black leather sofa.
Mark: Thanks a lot.
Peter: Make yourself comfortable.
Mark: Thanks for agreeing to see me today. I am sure you don’t have much time.
Peter: No problem whatsoever.
Mark: I have come to ask you about your recent acquisition of Mosquito City…
Peter: U-hum.
Mark: … Airlines.
Peter: Yes.
Mark: Was it a sudden decision to buy the airline company?
Peter: It is one of my dreams come true actually. I had been thinking about this for quite a long time, although I hadn’t told anybody until very recently.
Mark: Oh wow! I have got a scoop.
Peter: You have got a scoop. Yeah. (laughs) It has just all happened (at the) beginning of last week.
Mark: Right..So..?
Peter: I phoned David Bowie. You know David?
Mark: Yeah
Peter: And he has..He said that I can buy his jets from him. Marvelous. At a very reasonable price as well.
Mark: you are buying a new fleet.
Peter: Yeah. That is right.
Mark: Right. So you have always wanted to be in the airline industry?
Peter: Not really. It is just something to do. You know. Something. A little bit of fun on the side.
Mark: With all your money?
Peter: Well, that is true.
Mark: Yeah. well. You plan to expand the airline company. Do you think that the Mosquito City Airport is big enough for this new fleet of jets?
Peter: Well, I do because I think that Mosquito City is becoming quite a phenomenon.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Peter: Everybody wants to come here.
Mark: Right.
Peter: And I can understand why because it is “Happy Happy Land”, if you know what I mean.
Mark: I must say it is a beautiful place. I have only just arrived myself a couple of days ago. I got a job. I am making a lot of money. I am staying at the hotel for nothing. This is a great place.
Peter: Just one day. Just imagine… one week … one month…one year.
Mark: How long have you been here?
Peter: I have been here sort of most of my life actually.
Mark: Were you born rich?
Peter: Well, I was born rich inside.
Mark: Inside?
Peter: It sounds a bit sort of corny doesn’t it but ahh..
Mark: No. Not really.
Peter: What is the point of being rich if you are not rich inside?
Mark: All that glitters is not gold.
Peter: Very true.
Mark: Money isn’t everything. So your fortune has grown since you inherited it?
Peter: It has grown considerably.
Mark: M-hm. What kind of industries have you invested in?
Peter: Well…actually I am building a golf course next to the new airport.
Mark: Right. Ok.
Peter: So you will have to come down and see it with me.
Mark: Yes.
Peter: How about tomorrow?
Mark: Ok. Yeah. That sounds great. I would love to.
Peter: Great. Fantastic.
Mark: What time?
Peter: Maybe..how about… I am laughing now … six o’clock in the morning?
Mark: Six o’clock in the morning.
Peter: Yes.
Mark: So early?
Peter: There will be my stretch-limo waiting for you outside your hotel.
Mark: Oh wow! Yes!
Peter: With a chauffeur.
Mark: Ok. Yes.
Peter: No problem.
Mark: Wow!
Peter: See you tomorrow, ok?
Mark: Ok. See you tomorrow. Bye bye.
Peter: Bye.

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  1. Gede says:

    Thank you very much,
    I am getting more and more enthusiastic.Please keep sanding me this lesson. You are building the world in unity and harmony. God bless you.

  2. Alex says:

    this is an excellent program for learning English! Thanks Aaron

  3. PA Amplifier says:

    David Bowie is a classic, i like all his songs during the old days. “-,

  4. Satya says:

    Hi Aaron
    Good morning ! 🙂

    Thank you for your great help to the English learners.
    In the above conversation , I could not understand the sentence “It sounds a bit sort of corny”,Could you please make me understand.

    Thanks once again.

    • Fabio de Lima Souto says:

      Hi friend, I think “corny” here means “sentimental” or ‘melodramatic” – i had actually looked in the dictionary hehehehe. Good bye and happy learning for all!

  5. Daniel Evans says:

    david bowie has this weird stuff character on him but he is cool`;;

  6. Abiola says:

    WOw this is very intrested conversation,i find it very intresting……….

  7. Harry Brown says:

    when i hear about David Bowie, it reminds me of Vanilla Ice. ~;`

  8. Julia Mason says:

    David Bowie has some really eccentric personality but i like his style of music. he is a good actor too.:;;

  9. samphors says:

    it very interesting for me i like
    thank you

  10. manish says:

    Why do they say hi there? Is it different from just hi?

  11. Cooper Lee says:

    Thank you very much!
    I found it very interesting and useful. I’ve put it on my music player. And I’m gonna listen to it for a thousand times.

  12. ojieea says:

    thanks a lot for the great audio, u help me how to mention each of the words correctly and of course,, i learn something new today..again..God bless u!!

  13. Alfons says:

    I read the is side for the first time and I am enthusiastic.
    A queastion: What means a sort of most , asort of corny?
    Can one give me an other expression for that?

  14. Alfons says:

    Thanks for the side which I found for the first time today. And I am enthusiastic.
    I am a beginner. Therefore a question:
    I heared for the first time: Sort of most, sort of corny. Does one know other expressions for that?

  15. MARTHA ISABEL says:


  16. Irsan says:

    wow,,,that is the interesting dialogue…
    l like to learning english…

  17. jemila says:

    thank you for conversation go ahead i appreciate you

  18. Mark White says:

    It is more common to use inversion questions (are you..?) but it is also ok to use intonation questions:

    You are …?

    Both are ok. The first one is more common.

  19. Jarek says:

    Mark doesnt make inversion when he is asking Peter about something
    Is it common in spoken english to do so?

    Best regards

  20. Mahmood says:

    Very good
    Mahmood from Afghanistan

  21. yula says:

    “I am making a lot of money” What does it means?

  22. hussein kackawi says:

    It is great program to learn the english language

  23. momen says:

    very interesting coversation

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