What language do they speak in Jersey?

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Australian: What language do they speak in Jersey?
Scotsman: English.
Australian: But like they don’t speak French?
Scotsman: Jersey patois occasionally.
Australian: What is that?
Scotsman: A cross between French and English.
Australian: Like, can French people understand it, do you know?
Scotsman: No. English people cannot understand it either. It is indigenous to Jersey. I think they can pretty much get a gauge of it, but…
Australian: It is a mixture of French and English?
Scotsman: Yeah. That is good coming from a Scotsman, isn’t it?
Australian: What is the capital of Jersey?
Scotsman: St Helier.

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  1. alise says:

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  2. Mas Joko says:

    thank you.

  3. EVA says:

    Thank you very much for your lessons. It’s a pity that it’s finished now. I would like to continue.
    Tell me too, wouldn’t there be a possibility to get in touch with some of those students who learnt English with you to have some conversations?
    Thanks a lot again and bye-bye.

  4. rajani says:


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