Health Problems

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asian squat toilet
at clstal

Mark: I am just sitting here at a cafe in the Pahar Ganj area of New Delhi with Michael. Michael, you are not feeling very good?
Michael: No, I am certainly not.
Mark: What is the problem?
Michael: Well. I got diagnosed with amoebic dysentery about eight nine weeks ago when I was up in the mountains and I got treated for it then by a very good doctor with antibiotics but I fear that it has not yet gone away as I have had recurring problems.
Mark: You vomited this morning?
Michael: That is right. I got some new pills, that somebody at this very cafe recommended, that I take.
Mark: Ayurvedic?
Michael: No, no. Not those ones. These were some other pills. I forget what they were called. This man said that his sister was a nurse and these were the pills to take and I found them at a chemist, took a couple and I was violently sick this morning not long after taking one of these pills on the street, which was quite interesting.
Mark: Mm. That is terrible. How are you feeling now? Are you feeling a little better?
Michael: Not really I am feeling very weak I have to take some of these… you know… what do you call them…re-hydration salts.
Mark: And you are going to eat some banana and papaya as well?
Michael:Well I have got a papaya juice coming and yeah perhaps I will have some banana. I have heard that that is good for you.
Mark:I hope you feel better soon.
Michael: Thank you very much.
Mark: This man wants to clean your shoes.
Michael:Yes, I…

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    Hi, This is mi first homework. I found very interesting.
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    That´s a real good lesson. As you ask for, in Portuguese we do conjugate verbs, in the same tenses as in english.

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    There is a fault in the audio file of the Health Problem which you sent me. I can’t listen it. Would you like to send another audio file of the Health Problem for me ?
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  15. I didnt know anything about India, I´m very very happy about the pronunciation places people etc, thank you for the opportunity, it´s a very beutiful country. Natural talking is a fantastic way to study english.

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    Good day, Mark and Aaron!
    I want to thank you for your exellent work, it was really great to find such accurate (and what is also very important – available) lessons. =)
    And speaking about the dialogue, I understood that Michael took some pills, which were advised to him by one man and because of this pills he got sick even more. It just seemed to me strange – to take some unknown pills..

    Thank you for attention!

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    I liked this lesson, it’s a very smart conversation, because Michael talks to Mike about his awful disease, and the speakers mention unusually words as “amoebic dysentery” and “Ayurvedic” that make you search and it’s good for us because our vocabulary becomes richest with new words. And I like so much the natural speakers like them. God Job ! 🙂

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    This the first homework I do with you so don’t hesitate to tell what I can do if this way is not the good way. But I understand the general meaning of the conversation or of this text.
    After listening the whole recording in section B, I have heard these words and ticked them in order: “am sitting”; “with Michael”; “are feeling good”; “are not feeling good”; “up in the mountains”; “vomited”; “that is terrible”; “I am feeling very weak”; “some papaya”; “some banana”; “I hope you feel better soon”. Now I will try to repeat each phrase in order to improve my pronounciation which is very very bad as usual.

    Thanks for this first lesson. See you soon!

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    What mean “This man wants to clean your shoes” ?
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    • Mark White says:

      The conversation was recorded in India in Delhi. There was a man there. He was shoe shiner. He wanted to shine the shoes of one of the speakers. (shine shoes=clean shoes)

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      Hi Zhila,

      Audio files are generally pretty large. About the only thing you can do if the download stalls or times out is to keep trying. I wish there were another way to get you the file, but I’m afraid there isn’t. Sorry. 🙁

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    I think this kind of conversations are very useful and challenging because whenever you are listening to other different sound like car horns you may get distracted. However, that also makes you be really concentrated on what you are doing. At the very begining it was difficult to understand but later I got use to the noises.

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    Sorry but it is a real conversation so it is pretty fast. Can you slow it down on your player?

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    I have question at one point in the conservation where it said “I was violently sick this morning NOT long after taking one of these pills on the street”. Can’t we just say without NOT in this particular sentence. What is the difference with and without NOT.


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    • Forvill says:

      Hi Caroline!
      We also need to learn more, cause perfection comes with practice! I think that if you scan all the English Conversation site you’ll find all phrases in English that you’ll need to improve your English! Try to read along loudly while you listen to the audio!
      I hope you enjoy and learn a lot!

  78. Aaron says:

    Hi V….I’m glad you thought the lesson was useful. I think the presence of noise in the background is the price we pay for capturing “real” conversations. We just can’t always record them in silent places, since life is so full of energy and noise. But, at least we are able to hear most of what is there. As you get better at listening, you will be able to distinguish more and more of what is being said, even with lots of background noise.

    Thanks for your comment.



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  81. Aaron says:

    Hi Jessi. It’s GOOD that the voice in the street isn’t clear. That makes it excellent for listening practice, because when you speak English with people, it isn’t always done in a quiet room. There is often noise in the background. I think this is a slight problem with most listening material for English learners – the background is quieter than it is in reality.

    Thanks for your comment!

    • Carlos says:

      You’re absolutely right, Aaron. And that’s the way you should practice listening activities. Otherwise,it sounds artificial.

    • Forvill says:

      Hi Aaron!
      I agree with you! It’s really GOOD that the voice in the street isn’t clear. Here in Brazil the English classes in schools are always done in a quiet room! There should be more audio done in noisy but natural, backgrounds like this on internet!

  82. jessi says:

    First thanks for audio and conversation , but in the street the voice isnot clear

  83. apc33 says:

    Good question Sadatoshi! Michael is using ‘you’ in the sense of ‘everyone’, which is a common way to express how something can be good or bad for “all people”. So when Michael says, “that is good for you,” he is not referring to Mark, but rather ‘all people in general’. He would never say, ‘that is good for me’ unless he was only referring to himself, at the exclusion of others.

    Here are some more examples:

    Getting exercise is great for you.
    Eating fresh food is good for you.
    Drinking alcohol in moderation is not so bad for you.
    Sleeping too much is not so good for you.
    Consuming lots of sugar is bad for you.
    Smoking cigarettes is terrible for you.

    In these examples, I am not talking about YOU Sadatoshi, I’m talking about EVERYONE!

    Again, good question! Thanks for your comment.

    • Forvill says:

      Man! You’re a Master! Your answer was perfect and complete! I hope finding more people like you! By the way, I’m from Brazil! I’m trying to understand and speak English like a native but it’s a very hard work, isn’t it?

  84. Sadatoshi says:


    I have a question.

    “I have heard that that is good for you.”
    not “I have heard that that is good for me.”?

    Please let me know.

  85. Mark White says:

    Sorry Coby but these are live recordings from the street and from life. They have already been amplified. I hope you can hear them ok. Are you using headphones? I use headphones when I do the transcriptions.

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    thanks for providing us very useful practical conversations
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