A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 23 – Playing Golf

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Brad: Mark what the hell are you doing up this time of the morning?
Mark: Hello, Brad.
Brad: Oh it is fantastic to see you.
Mark: You too.
Brad: It is usually about eleven o’clock, isn’t it?
Mark: Yes yes but like it is my second day on the job.
Brad: Understood. understood.
Mark: I am playing golf with Peter Bestluck today.
Brad: No! You are pulling my leg.
Mark: Yep.
Brad: You are pulling my leg.
Mark: Yep, the richest man in Mosquito City.
Brad: Oh, that is wonderful.
Mark: His stretch limo is going to pick me up in five minutes.
Brad: I saw that. That is for you?!
Mark: It is there already?
Brad: It is there waiting for you.
Mark: I (had) better go.
Brad: You (had) better go.
Mark: See ya.
Brad: Have a great day. Bye.
Mark: Thanks, mate. See ya. (See you later)