A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 24 – You might even see a rhinocerous

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Mark: Hello there, Mr Bestluck.
Peter: Hello. Get into the car.
Mark: Nice to see you.
Peter:Welcome. Pop in quick.
Mark: Thanks a lot.
Mark: Great. Ok. Here we are.
Peter:I will just close the door. Ho Ho.
Mark: Ok.
Peter:And by the way don’t call me Mr Bestluck. You can call me “Peter”.
Mark: Ok. Thanks a lot.
Peter:Or howabout “Pete”.
Mark: Pete. Ok. You can call me “Mark” and I can call you “Pete”.
Peter:Ok That sounds fantastic. That is a deal. Chauffeur, just carry on. You know where you are going to take us.
Mark: Ok. Is it very far to the golf course?
Peter:Yeah. It is along the coastline. You will be able to see the sea and you will probably see a few of dolphins as well jumping out of the water. It is an absolutely beautiful road.
Mark: Dolphins are beautiful animals.
Peter:It goes through the tropical jungle as well. You will see monkeys.
Mark: Wow!
Peter:You might even see a rhinocerous.
Mark: Wow!
Peter:Yes, a rhinocerous!
Mark: Wow! Monkeys, dolphins a rhinocerous or two.
Peter:Yeah, that’s right. Or maybe a dozen.
Mark: Mosquito City is…
Peter:You have got to be very careful with rhinos but I will tell you about that another time.
Mark: Ok.